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    5 types of people you’re bound to get stuck on the plane with

    August 19, 2019Information, Real life, Uncategorised

    5 types of people you’re bound to get stuck on the plane with

    It’s that time of the year when you’re about to set off to distract yourself from the stresses of daily life and attempt to relax for at least a couple of precious days. The flight will inevitably be a test for any flyers with young children and of course you will see the same 5 people you’re bound to be stuck on a …


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    5 Top Tips for Travelling with Young Children: Interview with Gemma Rose Breger

    August 9, 2019Advice, Celebrity, How to, Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Things To Do, Uncategorised

    5 Top Tips for Travelling With Young Children
    Interview with Gemma Rose Breger

    If you’re looking for an all-encompassing beauty, fashion and motherhood Instagram then look no further than @thisismothership. Gemma Breger and Samantha Silver began a blog together as they felt that Mums who have their own style and personality were often misrepresented. 

    We had a quick chat with the wonderful Gemma Breger about her family trip to Canada with Belle, her 4 year old daughter and …


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    Design & Inspire

    July 26, 2019Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Gift Inspiration, Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Uncategorised

    Design & Inspire 
    Interview with Kate Rucker, Graphic Designer at My 1st Years

    Hackney based designer, Kate Rucker has been designing for 3 years. Kate heads the graphic design team at My 1st Years and she recently designed the print for our British Airways X My 1st Years collaboration. Read on to find out what inspired her designs. 

    Kate is very relaxed, her messy ponytail and casual recline is the tell of …


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    Affordable Summer Kids Activities

    July 18, 2019Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Things To Do, Uncategorised

    Affordable Summer Kids Activities

    When we are greeted by sunny weather and summer holidays, it’s inevitable that the little ones want to do everything and anything under the sun, literally. Whilst we’d all love to take our kids on exotic holidays and adventures it isn’t always financially achievable, or dare we say, necessary. We’ve come up with a list of affordable and free summer activities to indulge the kids.

    Make Ice Lollies

    Ice lollies …


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    What is Nesting During Pregnancy?

    May 15, 2019Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Uncategorised

    If you’re in those later stages of pregnancy, you know the ones where the stairs feel like Everest and being awake for 5 hours feels like a chore, but you have a real urge to clean and organise the home –  then you might be nesting.

    What is Nesting?

    Nesting is the psychological compulsion to provide a safe environment for your new baby. This instinct is common in a number of animals who often create a hospitable …


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    8 Mums You Will Meet at a Children’s Party

    May 1, 2019Advice, Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Parenting, Real life, Uncategorised

    Let’s face it children’s parties are stressful, whether you’re the one organising how to entertain a herd of small children or just the parent of an attendee, they’re rarely how we want to be spending our weekends. The moment you receive an invite in the backpack of your little one you start to remember the weekends of past, the times you went brunching with friends, had long lie ins and essentially hung out anywhere but …


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    Inspiring quotes from our favourite celebrity mums

    March 8, 2019Celebrity, Lifestyle, Real life

    Happy International Women’s day! As the world celebrates women, champions their achievements and recognises their challenges, we want to give a special shout out to the amazing mums out there. We’ve rounded up a few inspiring quotes from our favourite celebrity mums to remind you of how incredible you all are.

    Tina Fey

    “I think every working mom probably feels the same thing. You go through big chunks of time where you’re just …


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    Daddy of Triplets | Life as a Triplet Dad

    June 11, 2018Celebrity, Parenting, Real life, Uncategorised

    To celebrate Father’s Day we asked Alex from Daddy to Triplets Girls to tell us all about his experience of going from a Daddy of one to a Daddy of four over night. All words and images by Alex, @daddy_to_triplet_girls

    I will never forget the moment that my life changed forever it was the 6th of April 2017 around 8pm, I said to my, at the time 3 year old, son Henry ‘what do you fancy doing?’ …