3 easy cake decorating tips that will make your cakes look amazing | With Lola’s Cupcakes

February 27, 2019Celebrate with us, Party

When it comes to decorating a cake, it can be a daunting challenge. Do you need to be a
professional dessert baker? An artist? A miracle maker?… Well the answer is no! We’ve shared
some of our top tips for cake decorating with ease. So, you needn’t worry about your
buttercreams, sprinkles or piping bags.

Using a Piping Bag:

At Lola’s we prefer to use disposable piping bags to pipe our finishes. To prepare you piping
bag, slip the nozzle/tip into place in your piping bag. We like to use the large star nozzle, but
there are many shapes and sizes for you to choose from. You can create all sorts of different
effects using various nozzles/tips.
Hold the bag just above the nozzle and pull the remaining bag over your hand so you have a
smaller cone shape to fill. Using a rubber spatula, spoon your icing into the nose of the piping
bag, nearest the nozzle. Bring the excess bag back over your hand and gently twist the top to
push the icing down into the nozzle. Work out any air bubbles that you can see by gently
pushing the icing down the piping bag and twisting the top with your dominant hand.
Hold the piping bag at the top with your hand covering the twist and use your other hand to
guide you as you pipe. When piping buttercream, air can be your worst nightmare, so do your
best to remove any visible air pockets within the piping bag before you begin decorating.

The Lola’s Swirl:

At Lola’s we have a signature swirl especially for our tasty cupcakes! To pipe the swirl onto your
homemade cupcakes, start in the middle of your cupcake and gently squeeze the piping bag to
get the initial star shape from your nozzle. Gently push the nozzle into the icing and begin
piping in an anti-clockwise direction, covering the entire surface of the cupcake. Use the end of
the nozzle to guide you around the cupcake.

As you approach the end of your swirl push the nozzle into the icing and quickly move it up off
the surface in a sideways motion to obtain a clean end to the swirl back in the centre of the
Don’t worry too much if it isn’t perfect as there are always sprinkles and decorations you can
use to disguise any mistakes. However, practise really does make perfect, so get icing those
cupcakes and you’ll be sure to see improvement in no time!

Writing in Icing:

For birthdays or those extra special occasions, it’s fun to add a nice message to your cupcakes
and cakes. When we add writing to our creations, we find it easiest to do this on a flat iced
cupcake, so you have a flat surface to write onto. Using a small piping bag made from
parchment paper, cut a small circle in the paper, make a cut from one edge to the centre and
then curl the paper into a cone shape so it looks like a mini piping bag!
Holding the parchment paper cone, carefully fill with melted chocolate or a dark thinned
buttercream and then fold the top of the edge of the cone over to seal it.
Then, snip the very tip of the cone to create your hole and then carefully squeeze your cone to
test the flow of the buttercream or melted chocolate.
You can practise on a piece of paper first before you move onto your cupcakes or cakes.


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