Busting Head Lice Myths and How to Treat Them

January 31, 2017Advice, Lifestyle, Parenting, Uncategorised

We all dread that letter coming home in our kid’s bags ‘HEAD LICE ARE IN OUR SCHOOL – CHECK YOUR CHILD’S HEAD TONIGHT!’ Just reading it leaves us itching our heads and we know we have an evening of battling with a wriggling child who doesn’t want a comb scraped through their head. But, with the internet filled with head lice horror stories and hundreds of home remedies to get rid of your child’s infestation how do you know which is the best way to deal with the issue? And how can you separate the myths from the facts? My 1st Years’ are here to help with our myth-busting infographic and simple steps to be head lice free on #NationalBugBustingDay!




Here our top two ways to remove lice from your tiny tots head.

Wet combing

For this, you need to purchase a fine toothed ‘nit comb’ with flat teeth spaced a maximum of  0.2-0.3mm apart.

  • Start by washing your little one’s hair and use plenty of conditioner.
  • Next comb your child’s hair with a wide toothed comb to untangle knots.
  • Now, use your ‘nit comb’ to firmly comb the hair from root to end, checking between strokes for any headlice or eggs.
  • Wipe any lice found onto a tissue or piece of paper to ensure you’re not putting them back into the hair.
Lotions and Potions

There are a number of effective lotions available on the market to help remove head lice from your child’s hair. With these, you should always follow the instructions on the packaging and never use more than advised or treat the hair more frequently than suggested on the packaging.


For any moe information please check the NHS website and Community Hygiene Concern for information on their bug busting kit.