Here’s How to Build your Best Ever Blanket Fort

July 2, 2020How to, Parenting, Things To Do

As lockdown continues, we know how difficult it is to keep coming up with new ideas to avoid boredom at home. Enter the blanket fort, a childhood classic that will occupy and entertain your little ones for days. We know what you’re thinking: the mess, the faff…but what about the peace and quiet that giving your children a little space of their own could bring? Not only will the planning and building process keep your little ones occupied for quite some time, but a blanket fort will provide them with room to themselves to play, read and relax, which is more important than ever while we are stuck at home together. 

Building a blanket fort can be as simple as you (and your budding architects) want it to be. All you need is a few simple household items to create something special. After all, with summer heating up, all of your little ones’ favourite blankets are going spare.

What you will need:

  • Blankets
  • Spare sheets
  • Beach towels
  • Sofa cushions
  • Pillows
  • String
  • Heavy books to weigh it in place (think dictionaries, cookbooks etc)

Warning: avoid using lightweight or small objects to secure your fort as these can easily move and fall on your little one while they play. 

Start small (but think big!)

Whether they’re dreaming of a mysterious cave, a fairytale castle or simply a quiet space to relax, blanket forts are as versatile as your little one’s imagination is powerful. Instead of using plain blankets, choose designs with a running theme to inspire your children and bring their vision to life. For little explorers, a bold dinosaur design blanket will transport them to a prehistoric adventureland, while colourful styles such as this multicoloured bobble blanket will delight younger children’s imaginations. 

Take it outside

Make the most of British summertime by bringing your blanket fort outside to the garden. Use lightweight fabrics to create a tent that will shelter your little ones from the full force of the sun while they enjoy the warmth and wonder of being outdoors. Drape a sheet over a clothesline or low hanging tree branch for easy shade and lay a soft foundation with a padded blanket, like these personalised patchwork quilts in bright summer shades of blue or pink. Add some decorative matching bunting to bring the festival home this year. 

For cosy caves

With the right accessories, a simple blanket fort becomes a special hideaway. Drape your blankets across furniture and fill your fort with pretty pillows for a den that they won’t want to leave. Choose blankets in soothing colours such as pastel pink, soft blue or neutral grey and decorated with soft star motifs for a touch of magic. Take it to the next level with a string of twinkling lights to transport your little adventurers to a night spent under faraway stars. 

Stock up on supplies

While the kids are tucked up sound asleep upstairs, relive your childhood and enjoy the excitement of a blanket fort for yourself. Get lost in a good book or catch up on your favourite series: remember, there are no rules in the blanket fort (and your little ones never need to know!)

When they get bored of their blanket fort, store away all of its super soft components in a convenient toy box. Choose from fun patterns including butterflies, stars, hearts, dinosaurs, jungle friends or stick to a timeless toy box design, all personalised especially with their name. 

Remember, the beauty of a blanket fort is how you make it. Tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram @My1stYears to show us your at-home hideaway! 

With love, 

My 1st Years