How to Bring the Santa Story to Life for Your Children

December 14, 2018How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do

 One of the great joys of Christmas is sharing the story of Santa with your favourite little people. We all remember our own childhood Christmases, listening with wide-eyed wonder to the timeless tale of a jolly white-bearded man from the North Pole. It’s one of the few, precious chances we get in life to truly believe that magic is real and happening all around us. Now we get to pass on the story to our own children, and bring that same magic into their lives.

We’re not saying Santa isn’t real (of course he is!). But we do know it gets harder to believe in him as you get older. Sometimes our little ones get a bit of a shock when they hear naysayers (and older kids) bringing down ole Saint Nick. As parents, there’s a lot we can do to keep the magic alive. All it takes is a little creativity. Then even when your kids stop being convinced, they’ll still be left with wonderful memories of the special Santa moments their parents might have had a bit of a hand in. So let’s check out some easy ways to bring Santa’s story to life!

Write a letter to Santa, together


The days and weeks before Christmas can be even more exciting than the big day itself – especially for our little ones, who are eagerly awaiting their very own pile of presents. But what on earth will they get? That’s the big question that has them jumping out of bed every morning.

Help your children put together a wish list and send it to Santa, together with a personal message describing how they’ve been good this year – or excusing away their naughty behaviour! Get them dressed for the occasion in a personalised painting apron and make an afternoon of it with finger paints, pencils and as much glitter as you can handle. For extra brownie points, craft up a reply when the kids aren’t looking and pop it in the post to get it back to them.

Get Daddy or Granddad to dress up

Yes, you could take your kids to the nearest department store and have them meet Santa there, but it’s not always guaranteed to go well. Especially younger kids and toddlers can get a bit scared sometimes. We’ve all seen the wailing proof shots doing the rounds on Facebook!

For a less scary, more cosy experience, have Daddy, Granddad or another relative dress up as Santa and come knocking at home to fill your children’s personalised present sacks. They’ll know exactly how to pitch their performance for their tiny audience. Not to mention, they’ll come with all kinds of stories that will have your children wondering, “How does Santa know that?!” Just make sure the beard is firmly stuck on so there are no sudden shocks when Santa turns out to be someone they know. And remember, it will only work up to a certain age, after which Department Store Santa should take over!

Leave food out for Santa and Rudolf


Leaving food out on Christmas Eve is a time-honoured Christmas tradition. After all, lugging all those presents around the world is hard work. Santa and the reindeer need some nutrients to see them through.

If your children are old enough to help with baking, you can make some treats yourselves at home. It’s such a fun, memorable process when you cook things together, from scratch. You can’t go wrong with a classic mince pie for Santa himself. Sugar cookies are also a fun choice, as you can bake them yourself and let your younger children go wild with icing them. Choose something that Mummy or Daddy can take a big, dramatic bite out of, leaving a messy trail of crumbs behind for the little ones to discover on Christmas morning. And don’t forget to munch up all of Rudolf’s carrots!

DIY Santa’s snowy footprints


What better evidence of Santa’s recent visit than a fresh set of snowy footprints? Your children will be so excited to eagerly follow the footprints around the house, retracing Santa’s steps all the way to the foot of the tree.

Creating Santa’s footprints is a really easy, fuss-free DIY project that you can whip up in less than an hour, while the kids are sleeping. The print is made with any pair of boots and a simple mix of water and bicarbonate of soda, plus a little glitter for extra sparkle if you feel like it. The best part is that bicarbonate of soda actually works to deodorise your carpet, so you can get a little bonus cleaning done at the same time. Simply vacuum it up once it dries.

When there’s no doubt Santa’s on his way, all you have left to worry about is the presents! Explore the My1stYears Christmas Collection to find beautiful, personalised gifts for Santa to leave behind.