How to celebrate Bonfire night with kids!

October 25, 2021Inspiration, Parenting, Things To Do

Remember remember the 5th of November: now that Bonfire night is just around the corner, it’s the time of year for sizzling sparklers, cosy clothing and a trip down to whichever field is putting on a marvellous fireworks display for the whole town. Bright sparkling lights that fall from the sky along with whiz, pops and bangs are understandably very exciting for little children. 

We’ve come up with a list of some essentials that you and your toddler will be thankful for this year to help you make the most out of fireworks night. 

At-home fun

Another way to make sure that bonfire night goes off with a bang is to do some DIY at-home activities with your precious toddler. Make your very own fire-y fun with an unforgettable science experiment – fireworks in a jar. All you will need is an empty jar, food colouring, warm water, and vegetable oil, to create your very own miniature firework display that combines creativity and science all in one. A quick Google search will tell you the simple steps and you can go from there. This easy activity is super fun and will recreate the explosive colour display of real life fireworks. Another excellent idea to make Bonfire night one to remember is sizzling edible sparklers. Little ones will love to get messy with easy to make chocolate-dipped sparklers. Simply cover half of a churro/breadstick/whatever you fancy in melted chocolate and throw oodles of sprinkles on the chocolate end to make this a perfect bonfire night treat. If you’re feeling extra fruity, popping candy can be added to really give these tasty treats a bang. 

Cosy clothes

Whether you’re hosting a garden gathering, visiting a friends or going out to a public place, it’s important that your little one is dressed appropriately for spending a chilly November night outside for an hour or two. Make sure to wrap them up warm in an outfit with plenty of layers that they feel comfortable in. Pop on a nice warm jacket to ensure that they’re kept warm on this cold evening and keep their head and fingers extra warm with a hat and mittens set – we promise your little one will be grateful. If it’s raining (typical British weather), keep them dry with a raincoat and you should be all good to go. After you return home from the glorious show, warm a tiny toddler up by wrapping them up warm in a cosy dressing gown, perfect to help them settle down after all of the excitement.

A special friend

Help a toddler share the joy of the night where the sky bursts into a rainbow of colours accompanied by an orchestra of pops, bangs and whistles with a special someone. Whether they’re slightly scared of the loud bangs and want a friend to comfort them or simply want an adventure buddy to watch the light display with, a soft toy is sure to make their night even better. A beautiful bunny or ballerina soft doll are both sure to be the perfect partner for your little one to bring along for the fun. They can cuddle up to their soft tummy as they drift off to sleep after an exciting night. Finally, a glow in the dark soft toy is a great option to provide some light on this dark autumn evening as well as a companion to keep them happy all night long. 

Sizzling Sparklers

Make sure you always keep an eye on your toddler especially when there’s any fire involved this November – we’re sure you already know this. Sparklers are a must-have on Bonfire night so if your little one wants to get involved in the sparkly magic, make sure that they’re wearing gloves and we recommend that their parents actually hold the sparklers and they can rest their hand on top of yours to feel more involved. You can spell out their name or initials and we’re certain that they’ll be mesmerized by the shimmering light. If you’re too worried about having a sparkler anywhere near your little one, glow sticks are a great alternative. A much safer alternative, glow sticks light up when you snap them and will light up a toddlers face all night long. 

Bonfire night is sure to be a blast this year, especially now that (fingers crossed) we won’t be in lockdown. Be sure to let us know what you and your family get up to this year by tagging us on Instagram with #My1stYears

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