BINGO! Fill your summer with fun with this printable bingo sheet

July 10, 2020How to, Real life, Things To Do

The Summer Holidays are on the horizon and you might be wondering… what in the world is there left to do with your kids? We are here to help with brand new at-home bingo to make the hours pass faster. This time we’re not just providing you inspiration for entertainment: — also bingo for chores to make helping you out around the house feel like a game.

Keep reading to find out what we’ve included in these bingo sheets (and some hints to help you complete them all!)

Easy ways to make the most of your summer

  1. Go for a walk

Follow our 4 steps to turn it into an adventure.

  1. Have a treasure hunt

Wrap some treats up in tin foil and hide them around the house to keep your little ones out of your hair for 10 minutes. 

  1. Watch a new movie

Stuck for ideas? We’ve got some right here

  1. Say ‘I love you’

Now, more than ever, those 3 little words mean a lot. 

  1. Livestream a play

Take a break from Paw Patrol repeats, you know you’re dying to. 

  1. Make paper dolls 

It couldn’t be easier with these pretty printable paper dolls. Just download, print and play! 

  1. Read a new book

Check out our anti-racism resource list for some ideas. 

  1. Read some good news

Find our favourite good news sources in our lockdown resource lists from March & June

  1. Have a dance party

YouTube is filled with fun filled dance videos for the whole family. Try one of our favourites from this list

  1. Build a blanket fort

Find inspiration for your next architectural triumph here

  1. Bake something new

Put the brown bananas down and step away from the brownie pan! Summer is here and with some new ideas for seasonal bakes. 

  1. Do yoga

Bonus points if you do one of these amazing mother and baby yoga videos

  1. Paint a picture

Some yellow and orange paint on a page can be a sunset if your little one believes it strongly enough. 

  1. Write a postcard

Keep an eye on the blog for some fun templates to print, colour and send to your nearest (or furthest) and dearest. 

  1. Call a friend

Even our kids are sick of Zoom by now. A good old fashioned phone call is the way forward when you can’t meet up in person. 

  1. Have a picnic

Whether you’re off on an adventure outside or only going as far as the front room, read everything you need to make it happen. 

  1. Go to the park

Try and make this summer feel more ‘normal’ (if you can remember what that is) with a run around your local park. 

  1. Learn a new dance

Move your bodies and engage your minds – and get some bonus endorphins going in the process!  

  1. Draw your favourite animal

Or, one of our favourite furry friends

  1. Eat an ice cream

Do you really need an excuse? 

  1. Visit a new place

You can do this now! Take your little ones on an adventure, just remember to stay 2m away from anyone you meet along the way. 

  1. Plant some flowers

Because beautiful things can still come from lockdown. 

  1. Feed the ducks

Don’t waste that panic-bought loaf of bread that’s currently going stale in your cupboard. 

  1. Go for a bike ride 

If your little one isn’t quite up to a big kid bike, try a balance bike to help them find their feet with our favourite way to travel.

Print off this Bingo Sheet and try it when you’re feeling stuck for inspiration during the holidays.

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With love,

My 1st Years x