Best Gifts for Second Babies 

March 1, 2020Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration

Knowing what to buy a second baby is never as easy as the first, but don’t worry the gifting experts at My 1st Years are here to help you pick the best gifts for baby number two. 


When a friend or family member announces they are pregnant it’s always an exciting occasion, and of course you want to treat them to the best gift. However, buying thoughtful yet useful gifts for a second baby is always far more difficult than the first one. It’s likely Mum and Dad got all the big essentials the first time around and already have a selection of hand-me-down clothes they can’t wait to pull out again, however no one wants to buy a boring or useless gift. Gifts for a second baby require a little extra thought, time and something a little more unique, just like the baby. That is why we think a beautifully personalised baby gift is the best present for the newest arrival and luckily for you, here at My 1st Years we are experts in personalising the most precious and thoughtful baby gifts. To make it even better we never charge you for our personalisation and have a FREE gift box meaning you don’t even have to wrap the gift, perfect for when you’re short of time. 

Discover our five best gifts for a second baby, we promise little ones and their parents will love you for them! 

Personalised Keepsake Box 


Little ones don’t stay little for long and in the midst of the parenting storm it’s easy for the time to fly. So why not treat the second-time parents to a personalised baby keepsake box so those precious moments with baby number two can be treasured for years to come? Our baby memory boxes all come personalised making them an extra special gift idea for a second baby. 

Check out our range of keepsake gifts including memory boxes, frames and silverware. 

Personalised Toys 


When you think back to your own childhood there are always fond memories of games played and toys cuddled until they’re worn thin. Here at My 1st Years we take those all important childhood toys and personalise them for a sentimental added touch. No second child wants to feel like they only have hand-me-down toys to play with, so treat them to a toy that’s just for them. 

Discover our selection of sumptuously soft animals, classic wooden toys and beautiful knitted characters. 

Personalised Room Accessories


When it comes to gifts for a second baby you can’t go to wrong with something for the bedroom or nursery. From those larger gifts such as a second crib to smaller adorable accessories it’s safe to say another baby means a few extra pieces will be essential. A second child also comes with a second load of washing and double the mess, so the parents will love receiving our personalised storage options. 

From soft storage bags to personalised toy chests we have the perfect presents for little ones… 

Personalised Hooded Towels


Making the most mundane of practical gifts exciting, our hooded towels are a best-selling gift for good reason! Let’s be honest, baby towels are not something many parents look to use as a hand-me-down, so why not make this super practical present extra special with free personalisation? Perfect for wrapping little ones up after bath time, we have a huge selection of personalised hooded towels that are sure to make Mum and Dad smile. 

From cute characters to our classing gingham trim towels, discover everyone’s favourite baby gift…

Personalised Photo Frames 


Let’s be honest when looking for a gift for a new baby you are really trying to impress the new parents, so get something sentimental with our personalised photo frames. My 1st Years has a huge selection of photo frames perfect for treating a new baby including baby scan frames, welcome to the world and new parent options. However the best gift for a second baby is one of our sweet sibling frames such as: ‘Me and My Sister’ or ‘Me and My Brother’ personalised photo frames. The perfect gift to be treasured forever. 

Discover styles including stylish wooden frames, our classic silver collection and modern rose gold designs >

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