The Best Christmas Movies for Kids

December 12, 2016Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

Here at My 1st Years’ HQ, there have been many arguments about  Christmas movies and which are the best of all time! Is it the Miricle on 34th Street, a Muppets Christmas Carol or something else? Although we can’t decide on a winner just yet,  we wanted to give you our top picks for a festive movie night with your little ones, based on their age.

Ages 2+ Frosty The Snowman


A wonderfully heartwarming movie for the Christmas period, which is short enough for even the tiniest of tots to sit through. Follow Frosty the snowman on his trip to the North Pole in hope not to melt this Christmas.

Ages 4+ The Search For Santa Paws

santa-paws-christmas movies

See what happens when Santa hits his head and loses his memory just before Christmas. Follow his beloved puppy, Paws as he tries to save both Santa and Christmas Day with the help of the adorable Orphans from a strict New York Orphanage.

Ages 6+ Arthur Christmas

arthur-christmas-christmas movies

If your little one is starting to wonder how Santa really does get all of those gifts out to so many children on Christmas Eve, let them discover his high-tech operation with the elves in the North Pole. Little ones will fall in love with young Arthur’s Christmas charm and clumsy ways.

Ages 8+ Elf


The whole family will find themselves laughing and cringing along with Buddy the Elf. Buddy was adopted by Pappa Elf in the North Pole as a child and was raised as one of Santa’s elves, see how he adapts to the human world on his quest to find his real father in this hilarious movie.

Ages 10+ Home Alone


Who doesn’t love Home Alone? Watch poor little Kevin fend for himself as his family leave him at home alone on Christmas. From doing the food shop alone to setting up traps for the burglars, this movie is guaranteed to create laughter and shouts of ‘Merry Christmas you Filthy Animal!’ from all the family. With up to 4 sequels, this can easily become a full movie day under the duvet.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?