How to Beat the Post-Christmas Blues this January

January 10, 2020Advice, How to, Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life

Soothe your January blues this New Year!

Now that Christmas is over and you’re no longer feeling pulled in every direction (Parties! Markets! Ice Skating!) it’s very easy to fall into a post-festive funk. The key to beating these blues? Keep busy. We know, even thinking about it sounds exhausting but we’ve got some easy ideas to help you to feel happier this January.

Shake it out


Christmas songs have been taken off of our playlists for another year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the mood-boosting power of music. It may sound clichéd but listening to your favourite song can have a powerfully positive effect on how you feel. Why not grab the kids for a five minute dance party? 

Be crafty


If you’re looking for something inside to entertain the kids but you can’t stand the idea of another episode of Paw Patrol then we’ve got some ideas to keep the kids busy this winter. 

If you’re feeling artistic, have a go at making different coloured slime for the children to play with or stick to some good old fashioned bubble painting – the possibilities are endless. And if it all goes completely wrong? Don’t worry – laugh it off! Smiling and laughing are proven mood boosters! 

Get cooking


For something a bit more practical, learn a new recipe that the whole family will enjoy. There are so many benefits to preparing and sharing a meal together, from increasing how much we enjoy what we’re eating, to strengthening family bonds. Bonus points if you can get the children involved (even if all they do is stir)! Is it dinner time yet? 

Go outside


We know, it’s January and it’s freezing – but hear us out. Sometimes this season throws us a beautifully crisp, clear day and getting outside is the best way to make the most of it. Head round the corner to your local park or pack the family up for a good country walk. After all, the more fresh air you get, the more oxygen your body can absorb (and the more mood-boosting serotonin your brain can produce!) 

Get out of the house


If you really don’t want to be outside then visiting a museum is a perfect indoor activity that will still get you out of the house. In London, the London Transport Museum, the Science Museum and the National Maritime Museum are all reliable options to entertain kids, as well as engage adults. Elsewhere in the UK, check out the Roald Dahl Museum in Buckinghamshire, World Museum in Liverpool or the National Space Centre in Leicester for something education and inspiring. 

Take a Duvet Day! 


If all else fails, there’s no harm in cuddling up for a good old-fashioned duvet day, January is the longest, darkest and coldest month of the year, which makes it the perfect time to start an exciting new series or finally watch that great film you meant to see in cinemas over the summer. After the craziness of Christmas, take some time to recharge and catch up on sleep – you’ll thank yourself when the days get longer (and busier!)