Back to school: What to pack for the 1st Day!

August 12, 2020Advice, How to, Parenting, Real life

As schools prepare to reopen in September, it is more important than ever to feel prepared for your little one’s 1st day. Whether they are just starting at nursery or heading back to start big kid school, that 1st day will be a bit more difficult this year. 

Before the big day comes, make sure you are familiar and comfortable with whatever your little one’s school or nursery have planned for the new term. Talk things through with your child, explain any ways in which things might look a little different this time and try to answer as many of their questions as you can. This will be hard for both you and your little one, so remember to be kind to yourself too!

Try a new tradition 

To bring a little more joy to Back to School 2020, try out a new tradition to help your little ones to feel more excited than anxious. Schultüte is a German tradition, where parents give their children a special present on the 1st day back to school.

This is normally either a cone or sack filled with treats and school supplies that celebrate the start of a new year, for example a shiny new set of pens or a selection of their favourite snacks to keep them going at school.


For nursery newbies 

For nursery to new reception starters, a mini backpack has plenty of compartments to fit everything that they will need.

Choose from our wide  range of backpacks, picking out their favourite colour, themed print or something to match their new season coat. As little ones start to grow, you can adjust the straps on their backpack to ensure that the fit stays snug and secure on the school run.

For their 1st day 

Once you have chosen their brand new mini backpack, you will want to get some matching accessories.

Try our spacious lunch bags, ready to be filled with goodness to keep your new start fuelled throughout the day. 

Going back to school

As your little ones start to grow up, consider upgrading to one of our infant backpacks.

Big enough to fit everything they need but small enough to fit perfectly on their little backs, infant backpacks are available in a range of designs that any little one will love. Each backpack can be personalised with a child’s name or initials to make sure that it won’t go missing from their hook. 

Favourite soft toy

This year, separation anxiety is set to be higher than ever before.

To give your little one a smoother transition from home to school, consider packing their favourite soft toy. This will be something familiar that smells and feels like home to comfort them while they are away. 

Littler ones may also need to take a comforter that they can hold and squeeze to help them to stay calm and secure in their new routine.

Whatever companion you choose to send with your little one, personalising it may help to avoid any lost-toy related trauma while they are away. 

A change of clothes

No matter how old your child may be, accidents can happen. Make sure your little one is prepared for anything with a change of clothes. If you are allowed, pack an outfit for the 1st day and ask to leave it with your child’s teacher.

Choose something straightforward and comfortable, like this bodysuit and denim jean outfit set that will be easy for their teacher to help them change into. Nursery newbies may also need a spare pack of bibs to keep them clean throughout the day. 

Quiet time essentials

Whether they are still little enough to need a nap in the middle of the day or ready to enjoy some quiet time to recharge, make sure they have whatever need packed in their backpack. For nursery, include a soft muslin or special blanket to help your toddler to sleep in a new place. 

Choose a personalised style to make sure that their classmates do not accidentally pick it up and create problems when nap time comes. 

At school, there will usually be some time for independent learning so pack a book about a subject that your child is excited about that they can read quietly for some time out. 

Whatever you are preparing your little one for this September, remember to prepare yourself as a parent, too. This year has seen so much upheaval that has taken an emotional toll on us all.

Rest as much as you can, hug your little ones extra tightly and don’t be afraid to reach out to their nursery, school or teacher to find out exactly what they have planned for the new term. September is going to be quite different this year, but it remains a new start with new notebooks to turn over a fresh page. 

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With love, 

My 1st Years x