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Baby sleep tips for when the clocks change

October 26, 2017Advice, Lifestyle, Parenting

British Summer Time ends at 2am on the 29th October, which for most means an extra hour in bed Sunday morning! However, as a parent it means waking up at the same time you always have, but it’s a little darker.

Although for us grown ups an hour more or less in bed is no big deal, for our tiny tots it makes a massive difference. There is nothing more frustrating than finally having perfected your baby’s sleep routine for the clocks to change and have trouble adjusting their sleep pattern again. Don’t worry we have some top tips to help the transition run smoothly.

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If you start by putting your baby down a whole hour early all of a sudden, they’ll probably struggle to sleep. In the lead up to the clocks changing start putting your little one to bed 10 minutes earlier each night, this gradual change will have a more subtle impact on your child’s sleep routine. So once Sunday the 29th of October rolls around they’ll be used to the earlier bed time.


It’s tempting to really tire them out the day before or let them nap a little longer than you usually would, although this may result in short term wins it may also result in over-tired toddler tantrums. It is much easier to slowly ease them into the new bedtimes than try to trick their little bodies into it.

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Creating the perfect bedtime environment is crucial for achieving a good sleep pattern in children – this becomes even more important when their routine changes. Make sure they have bright lights during the day and darkness at night time so that they can distinguish when they should be asleep from awake. If your little one always sleeps with a comforter, blanket or teddy be sure to have it on hand and soft nightwear. Combined these pieces should send them perfectly into the land of nod.


On Sunday don’t automatically assume just because your child went to bed at the correct time you’re going to get that extra hour in bed! As you probably already know babies can be unpredictable and more than likely will still wake up at their usual time .. although it’s now technically earlier! We recommend keeping this time as a chill time – leave the lights off, curtains closed and just snuggle up with a book, this will help them to realise it’s not quite wake up time.

On the other hand your little one might allow you to have more than an extra hour in bed, this might seem brilliant but routine is crucial and ideally you want to wake up your little sleepy head at the time you’d like to him/her to continue waking. However tempting it may be to keep cosy in bed for a little too long on that Sunday morning, it will only confuse your little one and potentially keep them awake longer in the evening ( when you want to be watching X-Factor with a glass of wine).

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We hope our tips help you save your little one’s routine this season! Share your top tips in the comments…