Baby names with a positive meaning

Baby Names with a Positive Meaning with SJ STRUM

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We don’t need to remind you that the world is pretty uneasy right now, but if you’re due to have a baby anytime soon you may be looking for some positive baby names to represent the hope and joy they are bringing into your world through a dark and troubled time. That is why we teamed up with Baby Name Expert & Youtuber SJ Strum to share her list of baby names with a positive meaning. 


Becoming a parent is a time of joy, wonder and lots of lots of decisions!  None more important than picking the perfect name.  Choosing a name goes beyond just reading A-Z lists – when you find the one it is your baby dream becoming reality.  A great name can represent your history, personality, culture and passions.  I’m here to help inspire you & ultimately help you find a name that you’ll adore saying over and over again.

Baby names with positive meanings 

KIKI – Meaning “Double Happiness” Such a cute, quirky name which fits right into the modern nickname trend for girls (Think Lottie, Ellie, Milly) Kiki has French origin but is popular across Europe; the double
happiness meaning would also make this a lovely twin or rainbow baby name.


ALLEGRA – Meaning “Cheerful, Lively”. This Italian beauty is a stunning name hitting the right upbeat notes with links for Allegro which in music means a ‘quick, lively tempo’. That certainly sums up life with a
bouncing baby girl! According to some sources this was Princess Diana’s baby girl choice had she ever had a daughter, it’s rising steadily in the UK up 240 places in 2 years to reach number 641.


BEATRIX / BEATRICE – Meaning “she who brings happiness”. Ranked at 153 in the UK this clan of names are elegant, timeless classics which is a gorgeous meaning to bestow on your daughter. Like Elizabeth
there are many variations of the name and many nicknames Beah, Bee, Trixy – so a name to suit all stages from newborn, teen to grown up.

FARAH – Of Arabic origin meaning “happiness”, Farah is a soft and gentle Arabic name. The American spelling Farrah was made globally famous by Charlie’s Angel icon Farrah Fawcett which gives this name
a big dose of 70’s glamour. A great way to potentially honour a Sarah in your family; ranked at 864 it’s certain to be the envy of your friends!


BLYTHE-  meaning ‘carefree’. This hipster baby name is trending wildly online; a gender neutral name there were only 13 babies called Blythe registered in 2019 but it’s leaping out of the middle spot and one to
watch! Pick this is you want a gentle, minimalist name that stands out.


FELIX – Meaning Fortunate. This boy’s name of Latin origin has been given to four popes and sixty-seven saints! With the strong X ending it’s a stand out name ranked in the UK at 93 and rising – hitting that sweet spot of ‘not too popular’ but ‘not too crazy!’


ASHER –  Meaning ‘Happiness’. Ranked currently at 217 Asher is the most popular boy name of 2020 so far according to searches and likes on A Hebrew name could Asher be set to knock Noah and Ezra off their trendy perch?


ISAAC  – Meaning ‘laughter’. There’s nothing like the sound of your baby’s first laugh – and this name evokes the joy of parenthood so well. This classic Hebrew name is ranked number 20 in the UK and is
popular around the World so perfect for adventurous spirits and travellers.


WINSTON – Meaning Joyful. What a vintage classic making a comeback as it swings back into fashion. Winston is an Anglo-Saxon surname made up of ‘wynn’ meaning joy and ‘stan’ meaning stone. The most
famous wearer of the name was Sir Winston Churchill it’s also the lead character in Orwell’s Dystopain novel ‘1984’ – maybe both making this a pick for our times!  


SONNY –  Meaning Cheerful.  This name jumped just inside the top 100 at 99 last year; a vintage nickname it belongs alongside Teddy and Freddie as a cheeky chappy name with retro vibes.  The English vocabulary word “son” came from the Proto-Germanic “sunuz” from the root “su-“ meaning “to give birth” – so it’s a lovely bonding name for your newborn son.  


Which is your favourite baby name from the list?