An Introduction to Placenta Encapuslation

January 7, 2019Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Uncategorised

Blog post written by Placenta Plus Team

Placenta Plus was started 3 years ago by Founder, Danielle Kinney. Danielle had suffered from post-natal depression after her second daughter. When becoming pregnant with her 3rd baby, straight away panic set in. Would PND strike again? After searching the internet for natural remedies to help with this Danielle came across placenta encapsulation. It sounded like the perfect solution, so she began to look for a specialist.

It was at this point Danielle really struggled. The women she came across had a very relaxed approach to the process. One lady asked her to take home her placenta in a Tupperware tub and put it in her fridge until the specialist could get to her. This just didn’t feel like the premium service that women should expect. Hygiene and correct refrigeration also just did not seem to be deemed as important as she knew it needed to be. Desperately wanting to try out placenta pills but knowing it had to be done to Danielle’s own high standards of cleanliness and professionalism, she decided she would do it herself.

Danielle trained in all things placenta but never planned to set up a business at all. When her baby boy arrived Danielle thrived from her placenta pills and decided she would do it for close friends and family. Word soon spread around Liverpool and Danielle was inundated with pregnant women wanting to try out placenta pills. Placenta Plus was born.

Placenta Plus was the first placenta encapsulation company in the UK to offer the level of responsiveness and professionalism that Danielle commanded. For Danielle it was important that women should never be expected to take their placenta home or have lengthy waits for collection. A new mum should not have to take responsibility for the care of their placenta. Most importantly she believed women should never pay more for a faster collection that should always come as standard. Placenta Plus quickly became a celebrity favourite. Coleen Rooney, Rochelle Humes and Amy Childs to name but a few have come to Placenta Plus to experience the benefits of placenta encapsulation.

Placenta Plus is now a national company and prides itself on the top-class service it provides. Providing mum with everything they will need for birth at no extra charge to ensure their placenta is stored correctly. Placenta Plus will always collect from baby’s birth location and within five hours of birth. Placenta Plus consider this to be a necessity to ensure you get the very best from your placenta with minimal stress on mum. We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so regardless of what time your baby arrives we are available to collect your placenta. Pills are then delivered within 72 hours to ensure mum gets the best support in those important early days after birth.

Placenta encapsulation has been around for many years with mum’s around the world reporting lots of amazing feedback. Mum’s often say they felt energised, no baby blue’s, increased milk supply and many more.