Affordable Summer Kids Activities

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Cheap summer activities for the summer

Affordable Summer Kids Activities

When we are greeted by sunny weather and summer holidays, it’s inevitable that the little ones want to do everything and anything under the sun, literally. Whilst we’d all love to take our kids on exotic holidays and adventures it isn’t always financially achievable, or dare we say, necessary. We’ve come up with a list of affordable and free summer activities to indulge the kids.

Make Ice Lollies

Ice lollies are the perfect accompaniment to a sunny day and not to mention, it can be a healthy snack. So why not turn this into a fun, creative activity for the kids? It’s something you can do at home, with friends and it is extremely child friendly.The internet is inundated with ice lolly recipes, as long as you grab some moulds you can make fruity lollies with just about any fruit or juice you have at home. Simply, find a basic recipe, grab any additional  ingredients and encourage the kids to make their own ice lollies.


Check here for ice lolly recipes for kids

Obstacle Course

It may sound like a lot of effort but an obstacle can be made with just a few items in your garden. Rule number one, keep all obstacles child friendly; check for sharp edges, soggy bottoms and general garden dirt. Once you have 2 or 3 items, simply use your imagination and go wild. This is ideal if you have multiple children or group for a play date. Use a timer and make it a race or turn it into a team effort game. You could even get the kids to help create the course; they may even find this more fun than the course itself! Just be sure to use your imagination.


Walks and Parks

Summer isn’t summer without regular trips to the park. Whilst this is all well and good, it’s always a good idea to venture out to somewhere new. Why not try making a weekend of it? This doesn’t have to break the bank, you could even try camping away. Whichever you decide it’s always a good idea to get out and explore with little ones. Read our article on walks here.



Whilst gardening may initially sound like a chore, please rest assure, this is not the case. We’re not talking getting on your knees and plucking at weeds – that really is a punishment. There are two ways you could approach this. 1. Buy a plant to replant in the garden as part of your flower bed. The little ones will enjoy getting their hands dirty. Get them to water it and it will immediately add a pop of colour to your garden. 2. Get some seeds and plant them (either directly into the garden or a plant pot) and this can be a project to last through the summer. Get the little ones to water them every day and watch them grow. You could get the kids to keep a diary of the progress, taking photos or even drawing images of the plants as they grow. It’s a great learning experience, it’s a project that lasts through summer and it will create a sense of achievement at the end. Not to mention – it’s cheap and fun! What’s not to love?



It may be stating the obvious but part of the fun of summer is going to the beach and swimming. Whilst it may not be practical to go to the beach every weekend you could go to the local swimming pool with the kids. This is the perfect opportunity for the kids to learn a new skill after all.  There are often summer deals on, and if you have one with flumes then that is even more fun for everybody! Just be savvy and have a look around.



Whether your child already has a specific sport interest or not, the summer is a great time to sign your kids up to a sports club or swimming lessons. There are often deals on over the summer period so, once again, just have a look around and see what you can find for them.