Adventures To Have In Your Garden

June 28, 2018Lifestyle, Things To Do

It seems the great British Summer has done it again! Just when we were ready to give up and pack our sunnies away for next year, the sun has finally made the appearance we’d all been hoping for and we couldn’t be happier! According to most news outlets, the sunshine is here to stay and that means it’s time to get properly into the warm weather spirit. Not only does that require stocking up on the several bottles of sunscreen you’ve been meaning to buy, it’s now also time to think about how to make the most of these warm weather weekends with your little ones.


Whilst big days out are always exciting, we know they can be expensive and for Mums of multiple kids, it can be intimidating having to organise all the fine details that a whole day out can require. A great alternative then, is making the most of your own outdoor space. Even if you consider your garden on the smaller side, you’d be surprised at how much you can get up to with a little imagination! As well as being cost effective, relocating summer adventures to your outdoors means you’ve always got all your baby essentials close by, just incase!

Then, our tops tips to have an adventure in your garden are:-


We know what you’re thinking but we promise you, it’s not as scary as it sounds! Actually setting up camp in your garden only requires a few essentials and a dollop of imagination. Pillows, blankets, washing lines and pegs all work as great materials to create a shelter and then all you need to do is to fill it with some snacks, a few good story books and you’ve got an afternoon of fun sorted!


Whilst adults generally prefer to stay as far away from insects as possible, little ones are often mystified by tiny creatures and having them get up close to crawlies is a perfect way to get them discovering nature. Before you start your adventures, make a list of all the insects you’d like to find and after you find each, reward your little one with a treat for their hard work!


Sometimes the best thing to do when the sun comes out is simply have a run around! Whatever sport your little ones love, getting them outside and giving it go, is sure to keep them entertained for hours. Children will unlikely be able to understand the rules of a match and therefore we recommend keeping games as simple as possible and focusing on the taking part rather than keeping score!


No time outdoors is complete without a picnic! Not only is it lovely for children to be able to enjoy their favourite foods in new scenery but it is also a sweet way to make memories that last a lifetime! To make it extra special invite their favourite soft toys and allow little ones to lead the fun, serving the food and arranging the seating as they wish!


What are your family plans for the Summer? Comment below!