Adorable Names for Autumn Babies

September 29, 2020Celebrations, Parenting, Real life

Tuesday 22nd September marks the Autumn Equinox and the arrival of a new season. Autumn is the most popular time to have a baby, with birth rates rising every year from September to November. Studies have shown that babies born during this time often live longer, grow taller and have stronger bones than babies born in other months. So, celebrate the arrival of your new bundle of joy with a seasonal name that pays homage to the joy of crunchy leaves, crisp autumn air and cosy nights at home. 

As the weather turns colder, autumn evenings may soon be spent in front of a roaring fire. The name Ember evokes the warmth and comfort of a season spent in fluffy scarves and the beloved British tradition of Bonfire Night. This name also sounds a lot like another popular autumnal option, Amber, and its glowing golden hues. Keep them cosy in this personalised grey and white bobble knitted blanket

Originally derived from the gaellic for ‘red king’, Rory is a bold, evocative name choice for a little one born while the leaves are turning red. Although traditionally used for boys, thanks to smash TV show Gilmore Girls (set in New England, where watching the leaves turn in fall is a popular pastime) Rory has become popular as a good natured autumnal name for any gender. Keep them warm right through winter in this personalised oatmeal knitted romper.

Hailing from Ireland and the British Isles, Rowan is a popular unisex name. Its meanings range from the rowan tree with its ruby red berries that grows all over northern Europe, to ‘little redhead’ in gaelic, for a name evocative of Autumn’s striking tones. Add it to this personalised ballerina soft doll

Celebrate the joy of a new arrival with this Hebrew name meaning ‘happy’. This biblical name also signifies ‘blessing’ and is associated with the Ash tree, said to bring good luck to those who live where they grow. Spread the love with this personalised sweet taupe knitted bear soft toy.

The name Hazel comes from the Hazel tree, which grows primarily in the UK. Hazelnuts are typically harvested in September and October, ready to be added to a bounty of sweet treats. The name Hazel rose in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s after a beloved rabbit in the animated classic, Watership Down. Keep a little Hazel snug in this personalised grey bunny faux fur lined pramsuit

Meaning ‘eighth’ in Latin, these names are an ideal choice to celebrate a little October baby. Most notably, the Roman Emperor Augustus and his sister were born Octavian and Octavia, both of whom were lauded for their contributions to society, culture and civilisation. Inspire their future achievements with this personalised elephant wooden xylophone

Adorable whatever their gender, this latin derived name means ‘wise’. According to Greco-Roman ritual, smoke burned from the fragrant sage herb can spread wisdom and in 10th Century Arab culture, sage was believed to bring a long, healthy life (especially important for babies born during a pandemic.) Wrap a new autumn baby up in this personalised sage green star jacquard blanket

An ancient name associated with autumn rainfall, harvest and bears, Jorah has soared in popularity since the hit series Game of Thrones. Found in both the Bible and Native American lore, Jorah is an ideal fit for a future nature lover. Keep a little cub cosy in this personalised bear robe