It’s time to get active outside as a family!

June 2, 2020Lifestyle, Real life, Things To Do

As we continue to enjoy warmer weather, now is the time to get active outside. With families spending more time together at home, playing sports and other activities outside together is a great opportunity to teach your little ones a new skill, make memories and strengthen your bond. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a garden or you’re setting off for a day trip to the countryside, we’ve got some ideas and tips to help you make the most of your outdoor time together.

Have a kickabout

Practice your little one’s motor skills and make the most of a wider open space by playing kickabout. All you need is a ball (footballs or mini beach balls work best) and a minimum of two people to have a good time. As you kick between you, it’s super easy to maintain a 2m distance so you could even take advantage of the recent change in the rules to play with other members of your family who you haven’t seen for a while. A sturdy pair of shoes, like these roar-some lion high top trainers, will help your little one to kick the ball extra far!

Play at being the piggy

For a classic game that doesn’t need to be adapted too much, try piggy in the middle. Perfect for a family of 3, stand at least 4m away from another adult and throw the ball between you while your child stands between you and tries to catch it. When they eventually intercept the ball, whoever threw it has to swap in as the new ‘piggy’. If you’re playing with people from outside of your household, be sure to wear gloves to avoid cross-contamination. 

Take it in their stride

With more time to explore, transform your family walks into family adventures. With national parks opening up across England, now you can take your little explorer for some fun in the countryside. If your little one isn’t quite so confident on their feet yet, a walker, like this wooden walker, is a great way to help them practice their 1st steps. With more room to explore, your toddler can take their time to find their feet without the fear of falling over (and some soft grass to cushion them if they do!)

It’s Love-all 

If you’re missing Wimbledon this year, now is the time to teach your little ones to play tennis. All you need is two bats, a small ball and some patience and who knows, you could discover the next Serena or Federer. As a bonus point, outdoor tennis courts are allowed to open this month so check with your local clubs for a proper knockabout. 

Pack it in

If you’re heading out to play games in the park, make sure you pack all your things up in a bag. Let your little ones carry any bats and balls you might need in their very own backpack. This pink rainbow design backpack and grey lightning bolt design backpack are both big enough to carry everything safely and comfortably to and from your home.

When you get back indoors, keep all of your sports equipment tidied away. A toy box, like this Personalised jungle design toy box, is an ideal choice to keep everything organised when you’re not using it and to make it easier to find everything you need for next time.

As lockdown continues and we move closer into summer, we hope you enjoy your time outdoors as much as possible. If you do go out to have some fun in the sun, don’t forget to tag us on social media so we can see what you’re up to! 

With love,

My 1st Years x