9 Dads share their experience of parenting in lockdown, in time for Father’s Day

June 16, 2020Advice, Celebrity, Lifestyle, Parenting, Uncategorised

For many Fathers lockdown has given them the chance to spend more time with their little ones than ever before, and despite it having it’s obvious challenges it has also been a precious time for lots of Dads. That is why we decided to catch up with a few of our favourites in time for Father’s Day to ask them how they have found lockdown, and if it’s having an impact on how they plan to spend Father’s Day this year. 

” One of the most important jobs in the world is being a father. This year, it comes amidst a global pandemic and it’s meant that many fathers have been spending more and more time at home with their children. I love being at home! Watching my children learn and grow has always been the most valuable thing to me. I wish I could be home all the time but even in going to work, I set my children an example that I hope they will take to heart when they embark on their professional journeys. It’s not always easy but the truth is this time at home has taught me how to be a better father, how to love more completely and to value my family above all else. Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there. Keep being the right example for the next generation to follow.JB Gill

 ” Father’s Day is special this year because we’ve been able to spend so much time together as a family that we haven’t missed any important milestones as our kids grow. In the past year they’ve learned to crawl and walk and run and eat solid foods and talk and sleep through the night! There has been so much growth and we’ve been able to be there every day!” Jeffrey & Bryce 

‘’Lockdown, whilst strange, has gifted me the extra time that I would not normally have had to spend with Aoibhe. From building our first sofa fortress together to taking her on her first bike ride, I’m seeing her grow every day and I’m grateful for this extra time. Father’s Day in lockdown is not about the cards. It’s not about the lunches. It’s about the time you get to spend with your loved ones without the distractions.’’Nicky Chow 

” This time in lockdown has been testing, let me not lie! Being cooped up with 4 & 3 yr old girls made it especially challenging, but I took a bunch of positives from it also. I work as a personal trainer and used to see my girls much less than I liked to, and lockdown has allowed me to spend quality time with them. They’ve loved having Daddy working from home and when I finish training my virtual clients for the day and I come downstairs, I’m greeted with cries of ‘DADDY!!!!’ and massive hugs (which every Dad will tell you is the best feeling ever). I’m glad I’ve got to spend this time with them – playing with them, eating together as a family, getting to read them bedtime stories. It’s made us even closer and I’ve cherished the time we’ve had… But I’m also secretly glad they’re back at Nursery! haha”Tyler Saunders 

“In the past I have always been with my kids, but during this pandemic I have been able to really see my kids” Bode Aboderin

“During lockdown we have become closer and closer as a family. Wherever I go, the boys go. I always have a little person following me around. A positive taken from this uncertain time is how much we’ve bonded, we’ve made so many wonderful memories and realise we can have so much fun just by enjoying the simple things in life.”Mark Prideax

” This Father’s Day is very special to me. Whilst the lockdown has brought mixed emotions, the quality time that I’ve had with my son Alba has been incredible and something we’ll probably never have again. Whilst the last few months have been very different and the whole world turned upside down , this period of lockdown has taught me to appreciate the most important thing in life – Family. My wife Hannah-Beth & I are so close and this has brought us even closer and I have loved every second of seeing the most amazing boy grow up so quick. I’m looking forward to spending Father’s Day with Alba and appreciate everything the last couple of months has given to me in terms of quality time.”Daniel Price, Co-Founder of My 1st Years

“During lockdown it has been fun to see my daughters more everyday.  I am getting to see them at lunchtime and now I can finish work at bath time when I would normally miss out on these special moments. It’s amazing getting to see them grow up and spend more time together as a family.” –  Jonny Sitton, Co-Founder at My 1st Years