8 ways to make his first Father’s Day special

May 25, 2019Advice, Celebrate with us, Celebrations

Celebrating his very first Father’s Day is one of those moments he’ll treasure forever. Although the little one might be too young to know what’s happening, it makes for a great opportunity to thank him for being such a caring and dependable first-time dad. Make it extra special with these thoughtful ideas of how to spend the day.



1. Cook his favourite meal

We all have our favourite comfort foods, the ones we crave on weekends and holidays (Nutella pancakes anyone?). Maybe you always find him drooling over your homemade mac and cheese? Whatever meal is at the top of his list, treat him to a feast of his favourites. Depending on what you cook, you could serve up breakfast in bed or even grab the picnic blanket if the weather permits. Either way, he’ll appreciate the effort and be sure to return the favour when it comes around to your special day.



2. Enjoy his favourite hobby together

Remember, this day is all about him so it’s a good idea to get involved in his favourite hobbies/activities. It’s also a great way to make some lasting memories with some great photo opportunities. For the dads with a football obsession, check out a local football game if there’s one happening nearby. If he’s green fingered, consider setting up a herb garden together or plant the seeds of his favourite vegetable. If golf is his game, you could spend some time on the green practicing your shots or stay at home and setup a mini golf course in your back garden. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, fishing or camping there are plenty of ways you can bond over his hobbies together.



3. Pamper him with a professional shave

Adjusting to the new dad life can be challenging, stressful and exhausting which is why Dads need pampering too. Book him in for a professional shave (A.K.A the manly version of a facial) and he’ll walk out feeling completely relaxed and re-energised.



4. Enjoy a cooking class together

With a little organisation, you can pre-book a cooking class for the two of you and spend the day learning a new dish together. Not only is it a skill for life but it also gives you the chance to impress your friends and family at your next dinner party. Find a class that offers his favourite cuisine from Mexican, Chinese or Indian to French, Italian or Turkish and master the recipe.



5. Visit an art gallery, museum or brewery

Art lovers, history buffs and beer connoisseurs unite! Whichever tickles his fancy you can be sure to find the perfect exhibition or brewery tour that will have him beaming with delight. To make this a truly memorable Father’s Day invite the rest of the family along including the grandparents for one big day out.



6. Gift him matching dad and baby gear

There’s nothing cuter or more heart-warming than seeing dad dressed in a matching outfit with his little one. Imagine all the Instagram pictures! We’ve got an adorable range of matching dad and baby sets that make for the perfect Father’s Day gift.



7. Spend the day watching his favourite movies

Is there a movie or series he can’t stop talking about? Maybe he’s dying to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode? When his big day comes around, stock up on microwave popcorn, sweets and chocolate and settle down for a night in watching his favourite movies or TV shows.



8. Gift him a keepsake for his desk

Here’s where you can get a little crafty if you want to make his first Father’s Day extra special! Gather as many photos you have of him and your little one together and create a collage or photo album he can keep on his desk. You could also include your baby’s hand or footprints which will be sure to melt his heart. Check our collection of timeless personalised photo frames to give it a nice touch.