8 Tips to prepare your little one for a new sibling

April 10, 2017Advice, How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do, Uncategorised

To celebrate #NationalSiblingDay we are sharing our top 8 tips on how to prepare your child for a new baby. As parents, we’re constantly given the fear of how jealous our child will become once a new baby invades their territory. That is why we are sharing our top 8 tips for how to prepare your little one for a new arrival.

1. Belly bonding 

With really tiny tots you don’t need to let them know what is going on straight away, as when you’re small 9 months is a really long time. But once you start to feel the baby kicking, let your child feel and speak to your bump, this way they’ll feel involved and get excited to meet the baby.

2. Gift them a doll for practice

Buy your child a doll to practice things like how to properly hold a baby, pretend to change a nappy and interact softly with a newborn baby. This really helps your child to learn how to interact with the newborn before they arrive and gets them excited to ‘look after’ a real baby.

3. Involve them in the Baby Naming Talks

Obviously, you don’t need to pick the name chosen by your little one otherwise you might end up with a baby named grass but letting sibling-robesthem be involved in the discussion is always a good idea. This way they don’t feel totally uninvolved with the new baby and can be excited about a name that’s been chosen as a family.


4. That All Important Title

Telling your mini me how important their new job title of ‘big brother/sister’ is will make them feel important in the new stage of their life. Tell them about how they need to make a good impression, teach the new baby all the important lessons and most of all be a best friend to the new addition.


5. Double the Gifts

Once your newborn has arrived they’ll receive a mountain of gifts and that can lead to jealousy for a toddler or child. During your 9-double-troublemonths we recommend purchasing some small toys (or gifts from our site) ready to give to your little one once the new baby has arrived. This will help to eliminate that sibling rivalry from the start.


6. Try and Keep Routine

An over-tired small child is never a friendly one and if they’re out of their usual routine they’re likely to take this moodiness out on the baby. As much as adjusting to the routine of a new baby is going to take a toll on your everyday life, try keeping your little one’s routine as consistent as possible for a smoother ride.

7. One on One Time

siblingsWhen a new baby comes demanding all of your attention it can be easy for your first born to feel a little left out. Schedule in time for
just them for the two of you to bond and do fun activities together, whether it’s when the new baby sleeps or when someone else can look after them for an hour this will remind your tiny tot that they’re still just as special as the new arrival.

8. Get them involved

Little ones will love helping out with the new baby and although they will often be more of a hindrance than a help it’ll make the whole thing a lot easier. Let them pass you clean nappies whilst your changing, hold onto bottles during feeds and most importantly be involved in cuddle time for a smoother ride.