8 Mums You Will Meet at a Children’s Party

May 1, 2019Advice, Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Parenting, Real life, Uncategorised

Let’s face it children’s parties are stressful, whether you’re the one organising how to entertain a herd of small children or just the parent of an attendee, they’re rarely how we want to be spending our weekends. The moment you receive an invite in the backpack of your little one you start to remember the weekends of past, the times you went brunching with friends, had long lie ins and essentially hung out anywhere but a noisy soft play with a class full of kids. However, they’re an inevitable part of parenthood and bring such joy to our children, that of course we host and attend parties almost weekly for their first years. However there is only one thing worse than a hall filled with 30 kids, and that’s a room filled with 30 kids and their parents! So whether it’s your own child’s party or you’re attending a party of a classmate, we have put together the ultimate list of Mums you’ll meet at a party.


1. The ‘Show Off’ Mum


This Mama loves to tell you how well her child is doing. Her five year old is reading Jane Austin, they speak three languages and never ever have a meltdown in the supermarket, because there was no crust-less bread! Let’s face it she is a show off, she brags about grades, behaviour and just about anything she can to irritate you! Just remember no child is perfect and that you have every right to brag back about your little one’s achievements too!



2. The ‘Let’s Party’ Mum


This Mum will use any excuse to pour herself a glass of wine. You’ll hear her shout ‘Let’s really get this party started’ while holding up two prosecco glasses. She is everyone’s favourite Mum on the Mum’s night out but can often be a liability at your child’s birthday party! Just remember that if it’s your little ones party it’s your rules, don’t be afraid to reign in others.


3. The ‘I’ll Take Control’ Mum


If this Mum attends your little ones party you’ll either love it or loathe it. She is more than likely a teacher, youth worker or has experience in entertaining children. This Mum knows how to command a room of lively infants, knows all the best party games and would give Martha Stewart a run for her money in the arts & crafts stakes. When the party descends into chaos she will instantly take control and have all the kids playing duck, duck, goose calmly in moments. Just remember she isn’t trying to take over your job as party host, it’s often habit and her trying to be helpful.


4. The ‘Where’s the Kale’ Mum


This Mama is always outraged by the amount of sweet treats on offer at a children’s party and often asks the host for some crudités for her little one. When your children go to her house you always feel guilty as they refuse to eat her green food and secretly you wish you could be a little more like her. Just remember a party is a treat and if your little one wants you to serve a chocolate cake, just do it! Life is all about balance.


5. The ‘Hovering’ Mum


Wherever her child is she isn’t far behind… This Mum is a bit of a worrier and doesn’t like her little one to be out of sight. She winces at any activity that could cause a trip or fall and can always be heard shouting ‘Be Careful’. Just remember it’s not that they don’t trust you to keep their child safe they’re just a little nervous when it comes to their child.


6. The ‘My Kids are Your Responsibility’ Mum


Quite the opposite to ‘Hovering’ Mum, this Mama is keen to get some time off her Mum-duties and will take any opportunity she can get! The minute this parent receives your party invites she plans an afternoon at the salon or jumps up with the prospect of a nap. If this Mum does stay at the party she will pay absolutely no attention to what her kid is up to and will be expecting the party host to do all the childcare. Just remember that if you want parents to stay with their little ones it’s ok to tell them!


7. The ‘Snacking’ Mum


This Mum is only at the party for one thing… the snacks! She has been dreaming of sandwiches cut into triangles and party rings for weeks and as soon as the buffet is open she is dragging her child over there. She runs a ‘one for you, one for me’ policy with her little one and tries to act coy when tucking into another snack from her child’s over filled plate. Just remember that if you’ve not catered enough for this snack-tastic mum to be tucking into, make clear that this is a children’s only buffet.


8. The ‘My Party Was Better’ Mum


Let’s face it in every parent Whatsapp group there is always one extremely competitive Mum. She always has to throw the most over-the-top party and loves to boast about the luxury holiday she took her children on. It is likely she will remind you of her child’s party while you’re hosting yours in order to make you doubt yourself. Just remember that so long as your little one is happy and had fun that is ALL that matters.


So the big question is… which Mum are you?