8 Mums share their positive birth stories

March 12, 2021Advice, Information, Lifestyle, Real life

If you’re expecting a baby in 2021, you may already be feeling a little uneasy about childbirth. There’s something about a pregnancy announcement that suddenly prompts well-meaning friends, family and even strangers to share every birth-related horror story they have heard on the wind. Sometimes scary, often gruesome and rarely reassuring, conversation around childbirth tends to focus on the risks and what could go wrong rather than the joy that can come from it. In fact, childbirth is an extraordinary experience that can empower women, who knew? To prove it, we spoke to some of our favourite insta-mums about their own positive childbirth experiences to help you walk (or wheel) into the maternity ward with a smile on your face. 

‘I had a planned c section and it was such a lovely experience, although my partner couldn’t stay after the op the midwives were so helpful and lovely and I could have happily stayed in the hospital another night.’

I practised my breathing every night at home and Jamie read me some visualisations, I truly believe it’s what got me through and I definitely underestimated the power of breathing the first time round, getting into the zone and doing my breathing made every bit of difference, I’m sure of it! Each midwife said “great breathing!” Which was encouraging as I felt like they meant it. It was clearly helping me cope better than I thought I was! 

My daily affirmation was:

“I trust my body is perfectly designed to birth my babies” My twins were born naturally at 38 weeks, one was breech. I trusted my body could do it the whole time.

“I gave birth during the first lockdown which made the experience really different. Even though not everything went to plan I’m so grateful to be blessed with my beautiful baby girl.”

“Shiloh was born at 38 weeks through induction as the doctors were worried about the size of her heart. The process took 5 days and she was born at 4.50am on the 11th of April at just under 5lbs – a small baby. After a couple appointments at St Thomas, everything was said to be fine, her heart was determined to be the right size and she was discharged from the hospital.”

I gave birth to my son Alfie in August last year. I was a week overdue and going pretty crazy waiting for his arrival. I ended up being induced and it all happened very quickly after that. I went from 1cm to 10cm in just over 2 hours which actually ended up working in my favour as due to the covid restrictions, my husband George wasn’t allowed in until I was in active labour so he was quickly called up from where he was waiting in the car park. Just as we were about to meet Alfie, he decided to turn his head and get his shoulder stuck so in the end I had forceps to help guide him out but when he arrived and was put on my chest, his eyes were so wide open it is something I will never forget. We were under such great care in the hospital and even though George had to leave me and Alfie there on our own overnight, the nurses made sure that I felt safe and looked after which I will forever be grateful for the positive birthing experience.

“We decided to have a home birth during the first lockdown. My baby boy decided to arrive before we were even able to call a midwife. My husband delivered, and it’s safe to say he did a pretty good job. I would highly recommend a homebirth, best decision we made. You’re just more at ease in the comfort of your home, you have the undivided attention of your midwives and there’s no rushing around.”

If you are expecting a new baby or planning a pregnancy this year, we hope that these testimonials help you to feel strong and prepared for what’s to come.

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