7 Best Personalised Gifts for Twins

October 6, 2022Gift Inspiration, Parenting

What’s better than one bouncing baby? Two! While double the number of tiny fingers and toes also means double the joy, twins can be a little difficult to shop for. Whether you’re shopping for Christening gifts or celebrating a special birthday, you’ve not only got one mini personality to cater for but two.

While some parents prefer matching gifts, others would rather avoid having doubles of everything. So, do you go down the matchy-match route or give the darling duo something they can share?

Whatever you do, you can make sure the gift is extra special and unique to each twin with personalisation. Our list of the best personalised gifts for twins includes a wide variety of thoughtful options so you can find the perfect gift to commemorate a birth, birthday or Christening.

1. Matching outfits

You can’t get much cuter than a matching outfit set for twins. Matching outfits are simple, adorable and practical. Parents will love this thoughtful gift as fast-growing tots quickly outgrow their clothing! From baby grows to pyjamas, there are so many clothing options to choose from.

Coordinating outfits personalised with each child’s name also make it super easy for parents to dress their twins in the morning or for bed, with no fights about who wears what as they grow out of their rompers. Make a darling duo smile super wide when you treat them to our classic dressing gowns or a sweet checkered pyjama set

For a not-quite-matching option, go for different variations of the same item, like these super-cute dinosaur and unicorn dressing gowns.

2. Name prints

Add a pop of colour and personality to their nursery with beautiful prints! A framed print is a thoughtful gift that also works to engage little ones’ senses.

The beauty of this option is that there are so many incredible independent artists creating amazing prints in a massive array of styles, so you can find the perfect pattern to suit the recipient’s decor.

For an extra special gift, opt for a service that personalises their prints with custom messages or lets you select what illustrations to include, helping you reflect each twin’s unique personality. 

3. Their favourite cuddly animals

Cuddly toys are the ultimate adorable personalised gifts for twin babies! Surprise each tot with a mini and fluffy version of their favourite animal to give them a gift they can play with together without buying two of the same item. They’ll love to play the day away with each of their new besties and with their own personal soft toy should never get jealous of their sibling’s cuddly companion. 

Whether they’re hopping mad for bunnies or adore fire-breathing dragons, there’s a plushie with their name on it (literally). Introduce the perfect pair to Beatrix Potter’s classic stories and treat your adorable twins to Peter and Flopsy– the ideal size for little hands to hold.  

4. Blankets

As a parent, you can never have too many blankets, especially when you have twins. So if you’re searching for personalised gifts for twins, we’ve got you covered.

Blankets are a must-have for newborns and will become treasured keepsakes they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. These blankets are soft, snuggly, and designed to soothe a newborn’s delicate skin. With the option to add each lovely little one’s name, these beautiful blankets are truly personal to them and will be cherished by their parents for many years to come. 

Another great option is a milestone blanket to help parents capture those magical moments and measure their growth throughout their first year. 

5. Personalised storybooks

As they move through their developmental milestones, consider personalised twin baby gifts that support their journey. Storybooks are a huge part of children’s lives and parents know the bigger the library, the better.

There are many forms personalised storybooks can take, from those including a sweet message inside the front cover dedicated to the lucky recipients or bespoke stories tailored to weave details about the twins into the plot! We guarantee the special twins in your life will ask you to reread their personalised storybook again, again, and again.

6. Toybox

A toybox makes a fabulous gift that encourages sharing. Parents will love this gift for its practicality when it comes to storing their tot’s toys, games and presents. Simply tidy all of their favourite toys away after a double trouble day of play into a gift that will remain an important gift to your children as they grow up. 

This lovely White Star Design Toy Box can be personalised with not one but two names to delight both little ones with one fantastic gift. 

7. Commemorative gifts

The early years fly by, so it’s helpful for parents to tuck away keepsakes to remind them of their tots’ baby days. But storage can become a hassle when they have two bundles of joy to think about!

Personalised keepsake boxes are a marvellous gift for new parents, helping them keep their hospital wristbands, first teeth and baby trinkets safe. With one sweet box for each baby, they can enjoy looking back on their earliest memories when they’re older.

Picking personalised twin gifts that’ll be treasured for a lifetime

Personalisation is a small touch that guarantees parents and their twins will treasure your gifts for the rest of their life.

Whether you choose a cosy blanket, cuddly soft toy, or a practical gift that parents can make great use of, adding a little one’s name will transform your presents from sweet gifts to treasured keepsakes.