5 ways to make their 1st Christmas special

November 11, 2020Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Gift Inspiration, Gifts, New Collections

Christmas is a magical time, even more so when it’s baby’s first. As a new parent, you go through so many firsts in quick succession that it can all get a bit much. The pressure to create magical new experiences for your little bundle of joy can get in the way of you really enjoying the moment. Trust us, the ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’ extravaganzas you see all over social media aren’t always worth it. Instead, we urge you to sit back, take a sip of something delicious and read our 5 easy ways to make your baby’s first Christmas one for you to remember. After all, you have a couple of years left before they do! 

While Santa’s Grotto is a no-go this year, it’s time to make one of your own. Dress up an adult as Father Christmas or something similarly festive and take a sweet photo of your little one with them. For extra points, dress them up in something new, such as a Christmas-themed sleepsuit or pair of new pyjamas for an added dash of cute. If you can’t be together this year, these photos make a great gift for loved ones. Share some festive photos of your bundle of joy all dressed up for Christmas to help your family and friends feel included, even when they can’t be with you. 

Christmas as an adult is fun, but we know all it’s so much better as a child. This is the year to start traditions that will carry on throughout your little one’s childhood to bring some magic back to Christmastime. Hang up a set of stockings, set out some snacks for Santa on a special plate and start your own family rituals to repeat every year. 

On their 1st Christmas, the gift you give them is less of a present and more of a keepsake for Christmases to come. After all, they are still too little to actually open anything. And don’t worry about whether your baby has enough toys, they will get plenty from the rest of your family. Instead, choose something more meaningful that will be treasured for years to come, such as an ornament to commemorate this special day. Every year you can bring it out and share the story of their first gift – and first Christmas – together. Doesn’t that sound sweet?

To make baby’s first Christmas feel really special, add a personalised touch. From a little stocking with their name on it to a new toy to cuddle, a personalised item or gift is an easy way to celebrate their day. After all, you will never have a Christmas like this again, so why not celebrate it with clothing, blankets and even decorations that are as unique as your family. 

Let’s be real, being a new parent is exhausting and organising Christmas is stressful. The two combined? That’s a lot. At the best of times, things can easily go wrong. Whether baby has thrown up on your special tablecloth before dinner or they won’t stop crying while you’re trying to cook, juggling family and festivities is tough. As exciting as it is to celebrate your first Christmas as a family, it’s important to remember the people who made that possible: you two! After you’ve put your little elf to bed, take some time for your own traditions: dance to your favourite festive tunes, pour a glass of mulled wine and toast to yourselves – you deserve it! 

However you choose to celebrate this Christmas, we hope you have a very merry time. Share your festive photos with us @My1st Years or using #My1stYears so we can join in the fun! 

With love,

My 1st Years x