5 types of people you’re bound to get stuck on the plane with

August 30, 2019Lifestyle, Real life, Uncategorised

5 types of people you’re bound to get stuck on the plane with

It’s that time of the year when you’re about to set off to distract yourself from the stresses of daily life and attempt to relax for at least a couple of precious days. The flight will inevitably be a test for any flyers with young children and of course you will see the same 5 people you’re bound to be stuck on a plane with.


The Room Taker

The Room Taker is not the type of person who cares about personal space or is even aware that there are other people crammed onto the same flight. You finally cram yourself into the uncomfortable upright position with limited leg room and the room taker will stretch, lean on your arm rest and have a doze while their head drifts towards your face. Keep your face in your own space please. This person will have the audacity to tut when your toddlers knee so much as grazes his arm despite having taken up your space the entire flight. 

The Drunk Stag

The Stags. They don’t book seats next to each other, so they spend time standing in the aisle talking to their mates and if you are unlucky enough to be stuck among them you end up squeezed somewhere among this messy, drunken entourage. They drink, they’re loud. You know the guys. We don’t mind when you have ‘banter’ but when every other word is expletive our toddlers will begin to repeat them.


The Chatty Gaggle

We all love to travel with a pal. A little gossip helps the journey pass that little bit faster, but this group is particularly chatty.  The chat consists of; drunken inconveniences, how they’ve eaten too much and a discussion of emotional burdens that will hopefully lead to a miraculous epiphany while they are away. Save the sex talk for the poolside ladies, we can’t cover our infants ears for the whole flight! Finally, they begin selfie-taking while you spend your time trying to dodge the shot in the background. We didn’t plan to get snapped stuffing our faces with plane snacks.  

The Nervous Flyer

We feel for these people. You see them at the start of the flight, trying not to hyperventilate and clutching the seat. How will they get through the next few hours? Any slight turbulence is enough to make them gasp with fear. The worst part is that it’s so easy to get wrapped up in their fears and your preschooler starts freaking out too because they think the plane is going to crash! There’s nothing scarier than a screaming toddler.

The Businessperson

The businessperson has their iPhone, their laptop and tuts at you every time your child makes a sound. The trip is for business and not pleasure, anything outside neutral colour code is simply unacceptable. We respect your work ethic but sadly toddlers do not…