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5 Things to do with Grandma on Mother’s Day

March 20, 2019Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Things To Do

Not long to go now until Mother’s Day! No matter how long you’ve been a mum, Mother’s Day never stops being exciting. Our children show us their love every day in tiny, ordinary moments, but it always touches our hearts when they go the extra mile to make us feel special.

The same goes for your very own mum! Now that she’s a grandma she’s a different kind of mother figure, and that deserves celebrating just as much. Bring Grandma into the heart of your Mother’s Day celebrations and show her just how much she means to your entire family. Here are five fun ways to spend your precious time together:

Things to do with Grandma - present

1. Personalise her present

Most grandparents aren’t expecting fancy, expensive presents. They’d much rather receive something personalised and meaningful, because that shows you’re truly thinking of them. Gift Grandma with a keepsake she’ll hold on to forever, like a sweetly elegant compact or keyring, personalised with a message from your child. Then get out the glue and glitter and craft up a handmade card to go with it. Your child will have so much fun getting hands on with a gift that’s guaranteed pride of place on Grandma’s fridge door.


Things to do with Grandma - outside

2. Enjoy the great outdoors

One of the hardest things about getting older is the loss of mobility. A lot of grandparents can’t get out and enjoy nature as much as they want to, or they’re limited to local parks near their home. Use Mother’s Day as a chance to take Grandma out on an adventure! Pack up a picnic and head to a stunning patch of countryside, or explore a stately home if the weather’s not playing along. Your little ones will love it too – they can run around to their heart’s content while you and Grandma chat away in the background.


Things to do with Grandma - talk

3. Throw her a tea party

It’s not always easy to find a restaurant or cafe that’s kid-friendly but also fancy enough for a Mother’s Day outing. Instead, throw a tea party for Grandma at home. Which Grandma wouldn’t love a party in their honour? Bonus points if you can keep it a surprise! Make it a joint effort and a joint celebration for you and your mum: the kids can hang decorations and set the table while Daddy and Grandad take care of the food (even the worst cook can put together a cucumber sandwich!).


Things to do with Grandma - photo

4. Take a three generation family photo

Our phones are filled with kid selfies and blurry sandpit videos but we rarely take the time for proper, well-lit photos with extended family included. When grandparents live far away it can be even more difficult. Get the family together on Mother’s Day and visit a photo studio for a portrait session that shows how your family has grown over time. You’ll treasure a great photo of you, your mum and your child all together, and so will Grandma. Have it beautifully framed as an extra special gift.


Things to do with Grandma - Talk

5. Take time to talk and listen

Sometimes the best gift we can give is our time. On Mother’s Day, prioritise togetherness above all else. Invite Grandma over and ask her to tell all her stories, both the ones you know well and the ones you’ve never heard before. Ask her those big, important questions before it’s too late. It will be a gift for both of you. Record your conversation on video or tape so you and your children will always be able to remember her, in her own words, on many Mother’s Days to come.

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