5 Mum’s share their thoughts on their child’s first day of school

August 28, 2020Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Uncategorised

Starting school is daunting for even the most independent of four/five year olds, not to mention the rollercoaster of emotions us as parents go through.  Combining how inexplicably proud we are of the little learner we have grown and cherished mixed with the feeling of loss of our best-friend who will now see more of their teacher than they will us. This year more than ever it’ll be a tougher transition after spending most of 2020 locked in the house together, and the settling in process will be different with new social distancing measures. That is why we have spoken to a selection of our favourite Insta-Mums to share their experiences and thoughts about their child’s first day at school. But trust us, once you’ve made it through those first few drop offs, you’ll realise it’s easier than you think! 

“I was beyond nervous and emotional when Roman started reception, but I knew all of that was probably normal and I also knew he was going to have the time of his life, which he did. My advice for parents who’s children are starting reception this year is to remind yourself everyday that this will be the making of those beautiful little people you created and to savour every second of watching them grow.” – Suprina Dhillon

“I feel like I dreaded Harrison starting school from before he was even born, I didn’t cope well with separation as a child and so had all of the nerves. However, once day one rolled around I couldn’t have been any more excited. It was so exciting for a new chapter to start and to see him making school friends that he’ll be with for the next few years was just amazing. My advice to parents whose children are starting school this year would just be to embrace it. Get excited with them and look forward to a calendar full of birthday parties! Oh, and remember to take that first day of school photo- they grow so much in that first year. We start every school year off with a “what do you want to be when you’re older?” photo which is lovely to look back on.” Laura Byrne

“The first day of school can be hard for mum and dad,

Part of you feels excited and part of you sad,

So kiss them at the gate and wave them goodbye,

They’re off on an adventure, you gave them wings now let them fly…” – Rachel Laji

“As a Mama, I found my son Noah starting school to be one of the most emotional parenting experiences. A mixture of pride, worry and excitement. Although the first few weeks of school all I could think about was if he was okay, happy and having fun, the worry soon disappeared as I could see he adored every moment, made lots of lovely friends and thrived in the school environment. We are amazed at how much he has grown and developed in only one year. This year our daughter Indie will also be starting Pre School and off they will both go into the big wide world armed with their My 1st Years backpacks.”  Lauren Marie Nolan

“Letter to My Daughter on Her First Day of reception:

From the very first day you existed inside me, we were one.

And, when you were born, I realised that part of me – the very best part – had left me for you.

My darling Nma . My darling baby.

From that moment, my heart, my soul, my hopes, my dreams, my life were marked indelibly with your name.

Now, for a part of every day, I have to let you go.

Will your teacher appreciate that special smile you have, or the way you screw up your face when you are thinking?

Will you have the courage to tell someone else if you feel sad or scared?

Will someone notice if you are alone in the playground and come and hold your hand?

I’m sad, but, so, SO proud of the infant my baby has become.

And unbelievably grateful that I will get to be a part of the next phase of your life, and the next after that…” Maryam Swara

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