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5 Moments to Celebrate in Baby’s First Year

February 26, 2019Celebrate with us, Celebrations

So much happens in the first year of Baby’s life. Okay, yes, when you have kids, there’s always a lot happening, every single day. But that first year is an especially magical time when Baby transforms completely before your eyes. It’s a short 12 months, full of precious memories you’ll hold on to forever.

How does it make sense, then, to have the first celebration after a whole year? Here at My 1st Years, we firmly believe that every significant change is worth throwing a party for. It makes a memorable occasion even more special, along with the pictures to prove it! Here’s our round-up of 5 special moments to celebrate during Baby’s first year.

baby's first smile

Baby’s First Smile

You might see Baby smiling during the first few weeks of their life, but this is actually just a reflex. Baby’s first genuine, emotional smile will happen somewhere between 6 and 12 weeks.

When a baby first smiles that means they’re able to recognise your face, which is huge for any parent. Keep your camera at the ready, so when a big smile arrives, you can celebrate with an impromptu photo shoot alongside Baby’s favourite smiling toy.

baby's first tooth

Baby’s First Tooth

The first milk tooth can appear as early as three months! For most babies, teeth will start coming in before they’re seven months old. Most likely you’ll see a bottom front tooth appear first.

Teething can be a huge pain for both you and Baby, but it’s an exciting sign your child will soon be ready for solid foods. You’ll remember the moment when your baby’s all grown up, and the first tooth comes out. Reserve a place for it now in Baby’s keepsake box!

baby's half birthday

Baby’s Half Birthday

This is a time when you’re thinking in months, not years. By six months, Baby will be very expressive. Their unique personality will be starting to come out, which is such a delight.

That means it’s party time! Baby will be old enough to get a kick out of all the party sights and sounds. The chances are that by this time they’ll be rolling around. Soon they’ll be sitting unsupported and even crawling. It’s the perfect moment to gift them a personalised playmat to wriggle on.

baby's first word

Baby’s First Word

Baby will utter their real first word between six and eight months at the very earliest. You might think you heard them say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ before that time, but they were just babbling, playing with sounds.

Baby will often say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ with meaning by the time they’re a year old. Help them pick up language by reading to them early and often. This ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ storybook is a personalised take on a timeless classic they’ll love. Maybe you loved it too when you were little?

baby's first walk

Baby Stands Up

After about ten months, Baby may be pulling themselves to a standing position. Every parent gets a little emotional when that happens. This precious person who relies on you for everything is now literally standing on their own two feet.

Very soon, Baby will be taking their first steps. Have the camera on standby and have a pair of shoes at the ready because someday you’re going to need them. This adorable pair of personalised gold-star high tops comes in different sizes, so they’ll see Baby through from crawling to running.

Remember, if Baby’s milestones don’t match up with our timeline, there’s most likely no cause for concern. What takes a few weeks for some can take a few months for others. When Baby is happy and healthy, you’ll always have cause to celebrate – beyond the first year and in every year to come.