Picnic at home in 5 easy steps!

May 21, 2020Advice, Food & Drink, How to, Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Things To Do

Lockdown-friendly ideas to enjoy at home!

This week, we’re bringing you our top tips to enjoy the outdoors indoors with a picnic at home. Lockdown is still in action and unfortunately many of us don’t have access to our own outside space – but you can still enjoy your favourite spring activities at home! This bank holiday weekend, do something different with your extra time and follow these 5 easy ideas to enjoy the perfect picnic at home. 

1 – Make some space 


A picnic isn’t a picnic without a rug to enjoy it on! To make this picnic inside-friendly, make some space and lay down your little one’s favourite blanket. This will not only make your picnic more comfortable, but it will also make it easier for you to clear up any crumbs afterwards. Choose a colourful blanket – like this adorable personalised patchwork quilt – to bring a splash of summer brightness to your living room. 

2 – Decorate the room 


Whichever room you choose, refresh the space with some fun decorations. To help your toddler to get excited, invite them to create some paper-chains or draw some pictures of flowers to bring some festive fun to the room. For an easier option, hang up some pretty patchwork bunting to transform your home into your very own Summer Fete. 

3 – Serve up a treat 


For the best picnic possible, make sure to include all of your kids’ favourite foods. To make this all an adventure, serve your tastiest treats on a personalised bamboo plate – like this one in the shape of a tiger, or this one in the shape of a fox. If your little one is a fussy eater, check out our blog for 4 picnic ideas. If you’d rather not risk it, play things safe with a wooden afternoon tea play set – no crumbs to clean up, guaranteed! 

4 – Pack up your picnic 


To add to the authentic picnic experience, pack up everything you’ll need in a special bag. Even if it’s just to everything from the kitchen to the living room, take the time to pack and unpack it before and afterwards. This will make this feel like a special event rather than just snack time on the floor. Try this personalised bear character backpack for a woodland vibe, or pick a personalised koala & friends backpack for a bigger adventure. 

5 – Invite their favourite (toy) friends


While your little ones still can’t see their friends from nursery and school, don’t forget that their oldest, best friends are still around – their toys. Round up all of their favourite soft toys, let’s make this a teddy bears’ picnic! Whether they’re a cheeky monkey, a super tall giraffe, quiet as a mouse or a cuddly bear, this is a great opportunity for your little one to spend some quality time with their toys. 

We hope that these quick tips inspire you to have some fun at home this weekend! If you do have an indoor picnic, please tag us in your photos on Instagram, we’d love to see it! 

With love,

My 1st Years x