12 Pets to Follow On Instagram Today

April 5, 2017Celebrity, Lifestyle

We’re a nation of animal lovers, and there is nothing we love more after a busy day at work or looking after the kids than opening our Instagram feed to see an influx of adorable dogs and cats. This month is National Pet Month, a time of year dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership – To promote this we have put together our 12 favourite pets to follow on Instagram. Whether you love seeing dogs wearing human clothes or cats with more followers than your favourite celeb, we have found a pet for you to follow and love.



Violet, the french bulldog lives a super stylish life in Toronto that we are quite simply jealous of. We also can’t get over how cute his tiny human sibling is, together they make the ultimate #squadgoals.



Snoopy is enough to make any cat lover go ‘aww’ with his adorable squished face and big beady eyes. Snoopy’s soft toy appearance makes him look like the perfect snuggle buddy for a stressful day.



If we had a spirit animal it’d be Doug – from his love of ice cream, burgers, and doughnuts to chilling in his robe on the sofa we really want Doug the Pug’s life.



Jack has certainly ruffled a few feathers, boasting a following of 51.4k he is the most beautiful bird on the ‘gram. We love following Jack’s hobbies which include skateboarding, football and flower arranging.



Tuna is the epitome of the underdog, with his exaggerated overbite and adorable wrinkly neck he wasn’t seen as the ‘typical’ attractive dog – but in 2010 he was rescued by his owner Courtney who posts hilarious pictures of Tuna to raise awareness for rescue centres. We think Tuna’s imperfections are what makes him so perfect.



We think Exempel must be the most photogenic bunny in all the land. He is the jumping, high-fiving, floral crown wearing mini lop bunny who lives in Sweden with his humans.



If you’re into fashion you’re sure to have seen Menswear dog on Instagram. Far more stylish than any of the guys we know, this hound is often seen rocking the latest menswear trends and brands on his Instagram page.



Oh so cute and oh so fluffy, we love following Mademoiselle’s sophisticated life in France from hanging out at Laudrée to taking selfies in front of the Eiffel tower little Mademoiselle really is living the most beautiful life imaginable.



Cookie the dog is ultimate #Instagramgoals his page is so chic and his teddy bear looks make him the most irresistible pup on the ‘gram. We challenge you not to double tap his pics.



Forget cats and forget dogs, little Lionel and Lilo make us want a pet hedgehog. We love seeing the little hogs travel around with their owner and wearing little hats…



With over 2 million followers and a blue tick next to his name on Instagram, Marni is one of our most #Instafamous pets in this post. With her floppy tongue and beady eyes, she is the soppiest looking pup we have ever seen.





Venus shows us that being different is cool with her half ginger and half black face. She has been shared across social for her amazingly unique appearance that seems almost magical.


Who are your favourite pets to follow on Instagram?