12 Mums share their top tips on parenting through Lockdown

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Let’s face it from teaching older relatives the art of zoom calls to finding balance when working from home this quick adjustment to a new way of living has been difficult for everyone. Now throw in a tantruming toddler while you’re on a conference call with your boss or a baby who simply won’t nap unless you leave the house and this new lifestyle just got a whole lot harder.

Parenting is difficult at the best of times and now with the added struggle of staying in, entertaining children 24/7 and the financial concerns surrounding furloughed parents and economic security, things have only got tougher for us parents.

We’ve enlisted the advice from 12 inspirational mamas (and one awesome daddy) for lockdown. We hope this gives you the comfort and knowledge that you are not alone in these struggles and the smallest things can make a difficult day better.


– Samantha Maria, Content Creator –


” Instead of forcing activities on her at this strange time in our lives, I let her express her vivid imagination and creativity and take her lead. I want her to look back and remember bonding and playing with me during this time most of all. “

– Jordan Banjo & Naomi Courts, Dancer, Tv Presenter and Content Creator –


” Our top tip for staying at home during lockdown would be to 100% stick to your routine, as in nap / bed times, feeding, etc. Keep busy, keep active and do something different each day, such as being creative, playing outside, baking. And also talk to each other, pressure can mount up when you’re living in each other’s pockets, so it’s good to give each other space especially if you’re not use to being with each other 24/7. “

– Izzy Judd, Author –


”  My top tip during lock down is to begin each morning with a mindful affirmation. For example this could be “Today I choose clam” “Today I choose patience” or “Today I will go with the flow”. At any point in the day when you feel overwhelmed, ground your feet, relax your shoulders and any tension in your face, gently close your eyes, breath in for four, hold for two and then as you breath out slowly think or say your affirmation. I have also found it useful to plan the day ahead. Having a routine has really helped me to stay focused, present and it has helped to give us all a structure whilst trying to settle into our new normal. “

– Philippa Bloom & Sarah Ellis, Founders of We Are Twinset –


” If there’s one thing we’ve learnt through our lockdown journey so far is to accept that each day has its challenges and joys, no day is the same but the quality time we’re all spending together is irreplaceable. So we are trying to feel extra grateful & take those highs with the lows. “

– Chloe Lewis, TV Personality –


” Play… feed … sleep…  repeat … Oh and baby tv! I’ve been going for long walks when it’s sleep time for him & listening to music really helps me through the day. With the weather being nice now it really helps you feel better. “

– Rosie Nixon, Editor & Chief at Hello! Fashion –


” A sense of structure to the days is key for us during lockdown, sport in the morning gets the day off to a positive start and days are interspersed with some home learning, cookery, crafting, trampolining and some TV – you name it, we are trying it! We are also enjoying ‘story time’ over video with grandparents to help both young and older generations stay connected with family and for a calmer moment during the day. Most of all, if my boys are happy, then that means it’s been a good day. Their mental health is the most important aspect to me during this time at home. “

– Lily Pebbles, Content Creator –


” At the beginning of this lockdown experience I was trying to do as much as possible to keep Grey entertained, we’d go from one activity to the next, followed by an online baby class. But actually, since taking things slower I have found the days much less daunting. Split the day up into sections, one morning activity, one afternoon activity and remember even the smallest things can be exciting for a baby. Balloons filled with water, so simple but so entertaining. “

– Anna Williamson, Author, TV Presenter & Life Coach –


‘’ Be realistic on what you CAN do, not what you can’t. If it feels difficult and overwhelming trying to work from home, entertain and look after the kids, home school, keep the house tidy…..then it’s ok because it IS! I make sure I just take each day as it comes and do what I’m able to do and I give myself a break if I can’t do some of the things I should. ’’

– Anna Corry, Digital Marketing Consultant & Content Creator –


” I would say that for us I like to have some sort of routine, I find it’s great for kids to know what to expect. I also tell my girls in the morning what we aim to do in the day along with planning one nice thing to look forward to (some simple crafts or planting in the garden) but I also know plans should be fluid and expectations lowered. “

– Samantha Silver & Gemma Rose-Breger, Founders of This is Mothership –


” Every day is a rollercoaster and no two days are the same. Right now, we’re focusing on the positives that the sun is shining and we are taking advantage of our one walk a day to get everyone out of the house and burn off some energy. We find fresh air helps to lift everyone’s moods.”


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