Creative Ideas For Announcing A Second Arrival From Pinterest

April 12, 2016How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Uncategorised

So, you’ve already had one baby and are expecting another – how can you announce it in an equally creative and exciting method as the first? Will and Kate opted for a simple tweet from Clarence House when announcing her second pregnancy, but we kind of wish they’d gone with one of these instead…

9d1c4c9fc89b7f121372bbf7979553beWhether you’re using hand-me-downs or planning ahead with a brand new pair, we just love announcements using teeny tiny baby shoes.

587e3e7208d0db006651d18d61c1089fHow cute would it have been to see a little Prince George protesting his imminent eviction from the royal cot? We dare say the royals had no trouble squeezing in Charlotte at their Clarence House nursery though.

a860d5645cb2ec101d40b164be48c0f0Another little superhero will soon be joining the family! You could easily customise this idea to incorporate your favourite world-saver.

An adorable way to involve your little ones, all this takes is a chalkboard and an excited soon-to-be sibling!


Possibly our favourite image out of the bunch, this one gets us feeling nostalgic for all those hours spent playing Mario when we were younger. Time to buy another controller…

Did you use any particularly creative methods for announcing your first or second pregnancy? Let us know below!