10 Things to do with your children at home while schools are closed

March 16, 2020Advice, How to, Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Pets!, Real life, Things To Do, Uncategorised

If you have little ones and are starting to feel overwhelmed with information and guidelines regarding the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak then we’re here for you. With talk of schools and nurseries closing, having to work from home ourselves and ever-changing information online, it’s easy to feel stressed. As much as we all want to have our little ones safe and close by wrapped in cotton wool, we know that the thought of entertaining our children indoors for a prolonged amount of time is really quite daunting. A lot of parents are worried about how to ensure they keep learning, get exercise and most of all don’t spend all day looking at a screen. 

We have put together our top 10 things to do inside with your little ones, however, for school-aged children, it is really important to keep their usual routine. This includes meals at regular meal times, learning during regular lesson times and finishing at the same time as usual. 

Check out our favourite 10 things to do indoors with Children

  1. It’s time to exercise 


With gyms closing and children no longer running around outside we are all worried about our own fitness. Take 10 or 15 minutes each day to play catch in the garden or do a child-friendly exercise routine on YouTube as a family. This will not only let little ones blow off steam, have a healthy active lifestyle but will also aid sleep at bedtime. 

  1. Learn through play 


Little ones learn best when they don’t even know they’re learning which is why playing make-believe with your tiny tot is a great way to help them learn. Our selection of wooden toys are great for encouraging learning through play including skills such as: counting, learning new shapes  and their animals.

  1. Whistle while you work


Spending hours indoors is the perfect opportunity for some Spring cleaning. Put on some upbeat music and turn tidy up time into a dance party. Our storage baskets are a wonderful way to keep their toys neat and tidy; choose from a range of designs to suit every space, from cute characters to classic patterns

  1. Get cooking


Spending every meal time together? it’s important to keep things fresh. Help your children to get excited about eating by getting them involved in the preparation. Talk as a family about what you might like to eat that day and help them to feel included through play. Set them up their own play kitchen and talk to them about what they’re doing, you might end up with your very own mini chef! 

  1. Play dress up


When you can’t go out into the real world, dive deep into the world of their imagination. Playing dress-up is a wonderful way to escape everyday life, but you don’t have to limit this to playtime. Bring a splash of make-believe to their daily routine with our character robes: is your little one a bouncy bunny, mischievous mouse, cheeky bear cub or a brave little lion

  1. Give them space


Now that you’re all living in such close quarters, it’s important that everyone has some time to themselves to recharge. Help your little one to build themselves a special den where they can hide out and play, or set up camp in our teepee for a space all of their own to hide from the world and make their own memories. 

  1. Catch up on their favourite shows


What’s the best part about a lazy day at home? Getting cosy together on the sofa and relaxing to all your favourite shows! Let them watch an extra episode of paw patrol while you cuddle up under a blanket. You’ll look back and treasure those precious moments in years to come. 

  1. Remember their friends 


While your kids won’t be able to hang out with their buddies for a little while, don’t forget that some of the best friends they have are in fact their toys. From teddies to rag dolls, these soft toys can provide your children with the comfort and companionship they will crave during this confusing time. 

  1. Give it a read


Whether you’re telling them a bedtime story or teaching them to read their 1st words, books are a marvellous way to distract and entertain your kids. For tiny tots, an activity book is a wonderful way to learn new shapes, colours and textures, while older kids will enjoy settling into a book in a special chair of their own. 

  1. Make memories 


Take this time as an unexpected opportunity to spend some proper time together. Spend time every day talking things through, playing and laughing together. Keep tokens of this time safe in a special keepsake box so that you can look back in the future and remember the importance of love and family when the world feels a little scarier than normal.