Personalised Baby Shoes & Newborn Baby Boots

There’s nothing like watching your little one take their very first steps. Personalised baby shoes complete their outfit, protect their feet and are supple enough for both the crawling and walking stages.

Our collection includes personalised baby trainers and boots, ballet shoes and even fisherman’s sandals. And add an extra touch of cuteness to any outfit with our personalised baby booties.

It can be tricky to know exactly what your baby or newborn needs. Check out our helpful guide to baby shoes, or simply browse our collection of styles.

How to measure baby foot size at home?

Measuring your baby’s foot size at home is easy. Stand them on a piece of paper and draw a line at the heel, then mark where the longest toe ends. Make sure you do this for both feet, and that their toes are flat on the paper. You can then measure the distance between the marks.

When do babies start wearing shoes?

Babies usually start wearing shoes when they start to walk or crawl. This is usually around 10 months old, but could be a lot earlier or later, depending on how restless your little one is. You may want to buy shoes for your baby before, to protect their feet while they’re crawling, or just to complete a cute outfit.

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Personalised Dinosaur Welly Boots
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Personalised Yellow Rainy Day Gift Set
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Matching Brothers High Top Shoes Set
Personalised Siblings High Top Shoes Set
Personalised Green Dinosaur Toddler Sandals
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