Announcing the Very Best Baby Friends…

August 1, 2015Loved By You, Uncategorised

What a fun time we had on Friday, celebrating the International Day of Friendship! Originally organised by the U.N. in 2011 to recognise all of the achievements and lifelong bonds that friendship creates around the world, it’s since been adopted by countries across the globe and is always a good excuse to appreciate your nearest and dearest.

It isn’t just us adults who the importance of a good friend though – little ones waste no time buddying up at the hospital and plotting endless mischievous escapades at our expense (but of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way). We were thrilled to see so many adorable examples of your little ones and their besties in our Facebook competition during the week; here are some of our favourite examples of best toddler friends from all over:


So cute!! As usual, we struggled for a long while trying to pick just one winner, but simply couldn’t succeed…so we picked two:WINNERS JPEGHow adorable are Max and Bethany in their matching rain gear? And we’re dying to know what’s got dapper Amber and Oscar so amused. Each pair will win a set of wonderful gifts each:

Best Friends Bodysuits, £20


          Personalised Blue Rocking Chair  (£44 until Sunday!)                Personalised Pink Rocking Chair (£55)

Be sure to keep an eye out for future competitions on our website and social pages, and be sure to keep snapping pictures of your little ones and their best buddies! (You’ve got to have to have something to embarrass them with when they turn 18…)