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Warm Nights = Restless Babies! Here’s How To Cope.

July 26, 2016Lifestyle, Mum Life, Uncategorised

Ah, summer. After waiting months for it to rear its beautiful head, we metaphorically melt the moment temperatures reach a intolerable 25 degrees. But what about our little ones? Having possibly only known wind, rain and the occasional dull grey day since they were born, bubbas are bound to be shocked by the sudden increase in temperature which could cause more than a few sleepless nights…

Here are our top tips for keeping little ones cool during this (no doubt fleeting) warm period:



– Starting off with an obvious point, you should always dress your baby in weather-appropriate clothing – which also applies to night time.

For temperatures between 20-23 degrees, a short babygrow or shorts and a t-shirt with a nappy or 1 tog sleeping bag should be fine; for nights of 25 degrees and over just a nappy and thin cotton vest will be dandy.

– Bedding is just as important as clothing – make sure to use cotton bed sheets and avoid any waterproof mattresses. These retain heat and will only make your baby sweat more in the night.

– Remember that temperatures will drop during the night, so don’t make them so scantily dressed that they’ll become chilly once the sun has set. (We know, it’s a minefield.) Enough thin layers and checking on them before you go to bed are usually enough to give peace of mind.


– There’s nothing like a cool breeze on a humid night, and you can easily summon them into your home with a little ingenuity. Opening all the windows on one level will create a pleasant wind tunnel throughout your home; if you have a loft hatch open that as well to allow hot air to escape through the roof.

– If baby has an electric fan in their room, place a large bowl of ice or some frozen water bottles in front of it when it’s going. These will help cool the air that the fan will blow around the room, preventing a gust of already-warm air making them even more flustered.



– A quick lukewarm bath (not too cold) will help freshen up your baby before bedtime, and prevent any unwanted clamminess.

– After this is done, you should keep an accurate thermometer in their room so you know what temperatures you’re dealing with and what actions to plan and take.

– For an accurate gauge of baby’s temperature, feel the back of their neck or use another thermometer – hands and feet do get colder than the rest of the body, so these aren’t quite as reliable.


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– Last of all, try and stay calm and collected during warm summer evenings. Everyone has a tendency to get a bit flustered when they’re hot, but babies will be fine as long as they’re kept reassured and offered plenty of cool toys to play with. (In both meanings of the word.)

How do you cope in the warm summer months? Let us know in the comments below.