These Are The Best Apps For Parents

April 29, 2016Advice, Parenting, Uncategorised

You may have noticed, but gone are they days when childrearing was totally dependant on the wise words of a midwife and a few good library books. Now there’s an app for everything! From breastfeeding to bike stabilisers, now all you need is an iPhone to find an endless supply of tips and tricks to do with raising a baby. Here are some of our favourites:

Baby Bump Pregnancy
1 Baby Bump
Baby Bump Pregnancy is a bumper guide to those unique 9 months, full of facts and figures about your little one’s growth and wonderful milestones. It includes a forum on which you can chat with other expectant mums, and a countdown to the little one’s arrival to keep excitement levels flying skyward.

Drip Drops
2 Drip Drops
Drip Drops removes the understandable fear of little ones creating havoc when they’re left with the paints and colouring pencils, instead offering a richly detailed canvas on which they can colour contained in the magic of a phone or tablet screen.

My 365
3 My 365
My 365 makes it easier than ever to share those special moments with friends and family – or even just make an album for yourself to enjoy. Simply add in a photo a day and organise into special folders for nostalgic viewing. You won’t believe how much little ones grow in a year!

Net Nanny
4 Net Nanny
Net Nanny keeps little ones safe and sound when browsing the web – as they are wont to do from ever-earlier ages nowadays. Just choose your settings for what type of sites they’re allowed to view and sit back in the knowledge that they won’t go stumbling upon anything inappropriate. (Just get used to the never-ending sounds of Candy Crush.)

Baby’s Very First Play App – Animals
5 Playapp
Baby’s Very First Play App – Animals introduces babies and toddlers to an array of friendly animals, using brightly coloured illustrations and captivating noises to engage and stimulate them. Bring the fun out of the phone by encouraging them to mimic their favourite creature – you may be surprised which they choose…

Potty Trainer
6 Potty
Potty Trainer – fairly self explanatory in its name – helps little ones learn to use the toilet with the help of some friendly animal companions. They get rewards for every time they use it without incident – one of several reasons it’s been awarded Gold in the Mom’s Choice – Best In Family-Friendly Media competition. We don’t call it bribery, but if it works…

WebMD Baby
7 WebD
Finally, WebMD Baby is a thoroughly useful tool for those myriad niggly symptoms that you’re not sure warrant a trip to the doctor’s just yet. It has six dedicated sections on some of the most common baby related queries, along with a Sleep Tracker and 400+ articles written by professional paediatricians.

Find all of the above on the App Store, and let us know your favourite down below!