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The 8 Mums You Will Meet At The School Gate

August 29, 2017Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Uncategorised

Back to school season is officially here and if your child is set to start school this year, it’s time to prepare yourself for the mums you’ll be meeting at the gates. From the yummy Mummy who always looks stylishly put together to the always late Mum, discover the 8 mums you’re guaranteed to meet this term. Which one are you?

#1 The All Involved Mum


The all involved Mum is part of the PTA, she attends every school trip and she knows the class teacher on a first name basis. If you happen to be stood next to the all involved Mum at the gates it’s likely she will try and get you to join the PTA at your ‘child’s best interest’ and will be handing out flyers for the school fête.

#2 The Fashionista Mum


The fashionista Mum always looks put together and never ever has a dinosaur sticker stuck to her outfit. This Mum never wears trainers, has a pair of sunglasses superglued to her head and a coat of lipstick every day. You will always want to know how she manages to leave the house on time, looking that good, and how she fits all her essentials in such a tiny handbag?

#3 The Always Late Mum


We are all a little late now and then but this Mum seems to be late every day! You’ll often see her running down the street with child in tow as you walk home from the drop off and her little one is always the last one left with the teacher in the afternoons – she just always ‘loses track of time’. You will consider telling her a different time for parties just so you’re not left with an extra child all day.

#4 The Crafty/DIY Mum


This Mum hand makes everything and it always looks Pinterest-worthy! Fancy dress day? She sews a costume, home project? She paper maches it, bake sale? she bakes a show stopper – you get the gist… This DIY mamma would give Martha Stewart a run for her money!

#5 The I’m Too Busy Mum


This Mummy is a high-flyer she is always on the phone talking about emails, meetings and accounts. She gets to the gates just on time and doesn’t have the time to stand around and chat with other Mums. She will always hire someone to run her child’s birthday party as she simply doesn’t have the hours in the day to plan a party at home.

#6 The Perfect Mum


How does she do it? This Mum never forgets a class project, her children always go to bed on time, they only eat clean foods and are sporting/academic superstars. Her children have the most incredible birthday parties and you’re just not sure how she learnt to be so perfect or where she finds the time!

#7 The Mum Of Many


This Mum takes up the playground with her double buggy, there is always a hyperactive toddler in tow and she has more than one kid already in the school. This woman is a super relaxed Mamma who is always happy to chat and advise you on what to expect in future school years.

#8 The Just Out Of Bed Mum


This Mum is super casual – she has mastered the early morning top knot and often wears her pyjama top instead of actual clothing. En route to school she will be untucking her little one’s collar whilst they eat their toast on the go!