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The Very Best Apps Made for Babies

September 24, 2015Lifestyle, Mum Life, Things To Do, Uncategorised

So you’ve tried the book. You’ve tried the colouring pencils. You’ve tried the favourite toy, the take-everywhere blanky and the continually rattling keychain. Nothing seems to keep your little bub amused for long, and you can see their eyes gaze longingly at your iPhone across the table. Should you just give in and let them play with it?

Luckily, you needn’t feel guilty about giving little ones a bit of screen time anymore – there are thousands of apps specifically designed for infant senses which come at a fraction of the price of a restless meal. So which ones are best?


iBabyPhone screenshot
A great starter for parents who are worried that their little ‘un will either delete all of their contacts or dial a number in China for three hours, iBabyPhone puts up a pretend keypad for them to play with as well as lots of other distracting colours, shapes and sounds. For only 79p, it’s a must must must have. (Click on the above pic to buy!)


Balloonimals App Screenshot
Ingeniously making use of your phone’s microphone, little ones can blow up their own balloon animals and manipulate them into all sorts of animals on screen. They’ll shake, they’ll swipe, they’ll listen and stare, one thing’s for sure – at £1.49 this is an exceedingly worthwhile investment.

Elmo’s Monster Maker

Elmos Monster Maker App Screenshot
An equally enticing app for creative young ones, Elmo’s Monster Maker lets tots choose their creature, before giving it lots of weird and wonderful features and letting it loose for Elmo himself to have a merry old time with.  For £2.29, it’s scarily effective!

Peekaboo Barn

PeekaBoo Barn App Screenshot
Brilliantly popular with mums and dads around the world, PeekaBoo Barn is a simple yet effective game which surprises young ones with a variety of animals popping out from behind barn doors. They’ll slowly become familiar with the sights and sounds of the whole farmyard, and enjoy guessing which friendly face they’ll see next. Available for £1.49 on the App Store.

White Noise Baby

White Noise App Screenshot
An impressive library of sounds makes White Noise Baby an essential app for busy mums and dads who know just what sound will soothe their little one when a tantrum starts. From hairdryers to vacuum cleaners, heartbeats to wind chimes, you’re sure to find their favourite noise and can take advantage of both the rattle and Baby Monitor modes for day and night – all for just 79p!

Spawn Sparkle

Spawn Sparkle App Screenshot
Finally, an entrancing app for both parents and babies – Spawn Sparkle is a magical light display that fills the screen with colourful rays of wonder, changing endlessly every time you tap the screen. It comes in several different varieties – Fireworks, 3D and Glowing, and best of all, it’s free!

What’s your favourite app to keep little ones amused or calm? Let us know in the comments below…