• lolas-cupcakes-icing-tips

    3 easy cake decorating tips that will make your cakes look amazing | With Lola’s Cupcakes

    February 27, 2019Celebrate with us, Party

    When it comes to decorating a cake, it can be a daunting challenge. Do you need to be a
    professional dessert baker? An artist? A miracle maker?… Well the answer is no! We’ve shared
    some of our top tips for cake decorating with ease. So, you needn’t worry about your
    buttercreams, sprinkles or piping bags.

    Using a Piping Bag:

    At Lola’s we prefer to use disposable piping bags to pipe our finishes. To prepare you piping
    bag, slip the nozzle/tip into …


  • friend has a baby - new baby

    5 Surprising Things You Learn When Your Friend Has a Baby

    February 26, 2019Celebrate with us

    So your friend is having a baby! Perhaps she’s the first one in your group to get pregnant, or maybe she’s your closest BFF. Once the initial excitement wears off you find yourself wondering, how will things change?

    It can all be a bit scary when you have no idea what to expect. My 1st Years is here to help! Check out our guide to surprising things you learn when your friend has a baby. If …


  • party entertainer

    How to Have a Successful Stress-free Children’s Party | With The Giggle Company

    February 26, 2019Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Party

    The thought of hosting a children’s party can either fill you with excitement or panic but no matter how you feel we’re here to help! Learn how to have a stress-free children’s party with these helpful tips and tricks from our entertainment experts at The Giggle Company.

    Time slot

    Two hours sounds like it could be too short for a party, but we think it keeps it short and sweet and people often will be there for …


  • balloon arch

    Balloon Trends for your Child’s Party | With Bubblegum Balloons

    February 26, 2019Celebrate with us, Party

    Whether you’re a brand, a bride, a party planner or a parent, looking at a venue and knowing you have to somehow make it ‘yours’ can be incredibly daunting. Thankfully it doesn’t take many balloons to transform a space, which is where we come in handy! Fitting with any party theme, our balloons have an easy way of making people feel like they’re somewhere special and they’re ready to celebrate.

    Balloons are an easy way to …


  • how-to-pick-the-perfect-nursery

    How to Choose the Right Nursery School for Your Child

    February 11, 2019How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do, Uncategorised

    The first day of nursery can be scarier for parents than it is for children. It’s hard to believe your little one is already heading out into the world! When you’re dealing with separation anxiety, the last thing you need is a bad feeling about the nursery school.

    The good news is, it’s easy to find a nursery where your child will be happy and well-cared for. You just need to do a little research and …


  • celebs-who-love-my-1st-years

    See the Latest Snaps From Celebs Who Love My 1st Years

    February 5, 2019Celebrity, Lifestyle

    Like all busy parents, we treasure those quiet moments when we can settle down with a mug of something warm and check our social feeds. Every now and then, as we double-tap through our mentions, who should pop up but a famous face?

    It makes our day when our favourite celebrities and bloggers choose My 1st Years for their little ones. We’re so proud that every piece in our collection is made from high-quality, baby-friendly materials, …


  • placenta-plus

    An Introduction to Placenta Encapuslation

    January 7, 2019Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Uncategorised

    Blog post written by Placenta Plus Team

    Placenta Plus was started 3 years ago by Founder, Danielle Kinney. Danielle had suffered from post-natal depression after her second daughter. When becoming pregnant with her 3rd baby, straight away panic set in. Would PND strike again? After searching the internet for natural remedies to help with this Danielle came across placenta encapsulation. It sounded like the perfect solution, so she began to look for a specialist.

    It was at …


  • christmas-meanings-for-children

    How to Teach Your Children the True Meaning of Christmas

    December 7, 2018How to, Lifestyle, Parenting

    Christmas is a time for fun, festivities and, of course, piles of presents beneath the Christmas tree. As parents, we delight in seeing our children’s happy faces as they open their gifts. We feel such pride and pleasure when we can tick off the items on their wish lists and give them all the good things they deserve.

    Sometimes, though, we worry that the true meaning of Christmas is lost on our little ones. We want …