Which Super Dad Are You?

June 12, 2017Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

Spiderman once said that “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility” a phrase that has been quoted a thousand times or more. It is one that is so relevant to Dads, not just because they have the responsibility of a new life but because let’s face it, they’re our superheroes. All children believe that their Dad can do anything: Run faster than Usain Bolt, lift heavier than the Hulk and even see through the eyes at the back of their heads. That is why we have launched our #SuperDad campaign, celebrating the superheroes in our home.

Now for the important question… Which Super Dad are you?

Super Stay At Home Dad


Bio: The Super Stay at Home Dad is the master of juggling nappies, prepping finger food and can watch hours of Peppa Pig without loosing his mind.

Hobbies: This Superhero spends most of his time playing with Barbie and on the school run. He can also be found still listening to the Frozen soundtrack, even when his kid’s have left the car!

Favourite Food: Cold pieces of mash potato left over from his little one’s plate.

Drinks: Coffee. No explanation needed.

Super DIY Dad


Bio: The Super DIY Dad often thinks he is better at putting Ikea flat packs together than he really is, you’ll often find him sat on the floor pensively staring at a wonky shelf. He loves teaching his children how to get involved, and always has the best intentions.

Hobbies: When this Super Dad isn’t perusing the hardware stores in search of the most powerful drill, you can find him teaching his children his tips and tricks with their toy tools and watching Bob the Builder on TV.

Favourite Food: He loves to cook a BBQ, as he gets to spend time mowing the lawn before spending the afternoon outdoors with the kids. .

Drinks: Beer. It’s of course the perfect beverage for building and BBQ’s.

Super Explorer Dad


Bio: You’ll find the Super Explorer Dad up a tree in the woods or kayaking along the river with the kids singing as they go. This superhero loves a family holiday camping in a forest and playing games with his family.

Hobbies: When Super Explorer Dad isn’t taking trips to the woods or walks along the beach he loves going on long drives through the countryside tucking into a packet of sweets with his children.  

Favourite Food: Cheese and pickle sandwiches, a family picnic after exploring is always the best.

Drinks: Tea, in a flask.

Super Silly Dad


Bio: Super Silly Dad is always the centre of attention causing his children to belly laugh with his silly jokes and fun faces. He knows how to cheer up his family up even when they’re in the biggest of tantrums.

Hobbies: On a Saturday afternoon you’ll often find Super Silly Dad dancing around the living room with his children and playing his part as the tickle monster!

Favourite Food: Biscuits… Oreos, Party Rings, Hobnobs… all of the biscuits!

Drinks: Coca Cola, where else does he get his energy from?

Super Grandad


Bio: Super Grandad isn’t just any Grandad he is the best! He always has the very best stories to tell, naughty sweets in his car and will always have a tin of biscuits for his grandchildren.

Hobbies: Super Grandad can be found picking up his Grandchildren from school on weekday afternoons and loves doing whatever Grandma tells him not to.

Favourite Food: Humbugs, they remind him of being a child.

Drinks: He tells everyone it’s a brew, but really it’s a sneaky whiskey on ice.

Watch our video to see what our miniature friends had to say about their Super Dads below…

So… Which Super Dad are you?