Rainy Day Activities for Children

June 28, 2017Lifestyle, Things To Do

Oh the Great British Summer – a unique mix of warm days, balmy nights and… repeated spells of torrential rain! Whilst a spot of the wet stuff can occasionally provide much needed relief when it gets a little too hot, there is nothing worse than when it gets in the way of plans with the little ones!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of fun activities which can be easily carried out indoors so you’re never caught off guard, if (…or should we say when) the weather takes a turn for the worst…



Indoor camping provides all the fun of the great outdoors in the ease of your living room! First things first, you’ll have to pitch up your fort and since you’re indoors what better to use than pillows? Using chairs as walls help your little ones arrange pillows and blankets to make the perfect home for your camping adventures. Don’t forgot to give your campsite a special name, before moving on to stock it with essentials! Make a pretend fire using empty toilet rolls and scrap pieces of red, white and orange card and grab your favourite adventure snacks – we recommend, sandwiches, crisps and of course marshmallows. Once all the setting up is done, there is only thing left to do… begin your adventures! Read fun stories, play games and spend a perfect day bonding with your little one!




A classic for rainy days, baking is generally well-loved amongst all little ones and who can blame them? Nothing beats a sweet treat! To ensure their kitchen experience is as pleasant as possible we have a few tips. Firstly, keep it simple! Easy recipes ensure that little ones can be a part of the baking process the whole way through – fairy cakes and brownies are especially good choices. Secondly, where possible try and prep ingredients as much as possible beforehand to prevent any unnecessary stress when the process begins. If you’re worried about keeping treats healthy, we recommend fresh fruit as a nutritious topping which kids are sure to gobble up. Finally, remember that any leftover mixture can generally be frozen to be baked at a later date – baking really is the activity that keeps giving!



This is one activity guaranteed to keep little ones busy for hours! Whilst it requires a little prep, it provides such fun it is definitely worth it. Best to organise whilst the little ones are asleep, a hunt will generally require that you hide several little prizes around the house and write up a number of clues which lead to their discovery. For extra fun, hunts can be themed around little ones favourite characters or hobby. The process of working to find each gift adds excitement to the process and kids are sure to kept amused for hours!




The easiest of all our suggestions, board games are the perfect remedy for indoor fun as no set-up is necessary! Often involving small challenges, games are a great tool for children to learn how to follow rules as well as problem solve. For older children animated games such as ‘Operation’ are perfect for keeping their attention whilst for younger kids, simple games such as ‘Snakes and Ladders’ make it easy for them to get involved. Whichever you choose, little ones are guaranteed to learn something new and have a lot of fun in the process.



This activity is a perfect one for any of you with your very own budding superstar! There’s never a wrong time for a good song and dance so if the weather lets you down, clear your living room, shut down the lights and blast your kids favourite tunes. Ignite little imaginations even more by creating your own family band! Decide on a fun name, DIY some playful costumes and grab the pots and pans to write their very first hit record! Just remember to warn the neighbours first, we don’t want anyone getting in any trouble!