Meet our very own – and the world’s very first – Prince George lookalike, an adorable tot from Essex named Freddie Minnis. At 11 months old, he is just four days older than the young royal and already bears an uncanny resemblance to the future monarch.

Freddie Minnis Prince George

Freddie and the junior prince


Freddie was one of hundreds of young boys to be entered into our contest by his parents, though mum Carly didn’t even notice his similarity to George until some family friends remarked on it during the royals’ trip to Australia earlier this year.

As well as a royal doppelganger for a son, Carly and her husband Ross share similarities with the Prince parents too, having gotten both engaged and married in close proximity to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Upon hearing the news that her son was to become our newest model, Carly told us – “I never noticed Freddie’s resemblance to Prince George until I saw all the TV coverage during their recent visit to Australia and New Zealand. George was dressed in clothes similar to those Freddie wears and they seem to have the same temperament."

Freddie Minnis Prince George baby clothes

Freddie likes to channel Prince George even when he's not on duty


“Like George, Freddie moves around by himself, although he’s skipped the crawling and has gone straight to trying to walk, and just like the Prince, if he isn’t doing what he wants, has a very cute, pouty, sulky face. He’s also obsessed by our family dog Minnie, just like George appears to be with Lupo. 

“I always dress Freddie in traditional looking clothes when we’re going out and adore some of the European baby clothes designers, just like Kate. 

“Freddie being selected as a Prince George lookalike seems almost natural. There are so many similarities between my family and the royals that is seems fitting. All we need now is for Kate and William to have a daughter – Freddie would make a great real life prince.”


Freddie Minnis 1

Ta-dah! He could totally sneak into the palace dressed like that


Our founder Daniel was thrilled to find Freddy when going through the long list of entries, saying - “As soon as we saw the photos of Freddie we could see the resemblance instantly. Like the young prince he’s a natural in front of the camera and was a pleasure to work with."

                                                                                                             Freddie Minnis 2   Freddie Minnis 3

Freddie loves to play with his building blocks and teddy bear

“We had hundred of mums and dads contact us with pictures of their sons who resemble the Prince and it was tough to select just one. The thing that made Freddie stand out was the closeness in age and the fact he’s so similar to George in many other ways too.”


                                                                                                              Freddie Minnis 4    Freddie Minnis 5

Anything else in there...? We wonder if George and Freddie will inherit a love of football from their respective dads.

Freddie has already been trying out our special Crown Collection in time for Prince George’s first birthday on July 22nd, and will be perfecting his pose in the coming months as he debuts further lines of clothing. Just watch this space!