New Years Resolutions For Your Children

January 4, 2018Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

It’s that time of year when we all make New Years resolutions. We want to start bettering ourselves, cut down on those naughty treats we over-indulged in over Christmas, start a new hobby and generally improve our lives. While we are working on ourselves why not start introducing new positive habits into our little one’s lives? After the festive holidays where we let the kids stay up a little later, eat a few more treats and get away with doing absolutely no homework, there is no better time to kick start those routines and introduce better habits than now.


Letting little one’s fall asleep in your bed is an easy habit to start, with kids loving the comfort of your cuddles and you loving the feeling of being needed. But it’s time to get your sleep back and let little ones fall asleep in their own bed and stay there all night. Start by stopping in with them for 10 minutes each night and comforting them with their favourite blanket, comforter or soft toy. Slowly they’ll get used to their own beds and become great sleepers. For more sleep tips read here >>




Toys, clothes and teddies… No matter what your little one has been using, we bet it ends up on their bedroom floor come evening. Our storage bags and toy boxes are stylish enough for any bedroom decor yet extremely practical. Also, little one’s will love seeing their names so much they’ll enjoy tidying away their mess.




Children always go through a phase of wanting a pet, and as a parent our biggest concern is usually wondering who’ll end up looking after it. If you decide to purchase a friend for your tiny tot, get them a book to learn how to look after it first, other wise stick to a soft toy and let little ones use their imaginations!




Teaching your children to tell the time is an essential skill, but one that can also take a little while to master. Our wooden toy clock is a great way to introduce time to younger children while making them believe they’re just playing. Start by getting them to memorise o’clock and half past before introducing quarter past and quarter to. A 24 hour clock is harder to teach younger children, our wooden clock has a nifty 12 to 24 hour clock converter to start introducing to slightly older kids.



New Years resolution no fighting

Trying to persuade little one’s to save their coins is tough, when they get so excited to hand over cash and receive the instant gratification. When gifting a tot a money box, explain to them what they could afford if they put all their pocket money in their pot. Doing this will not only get them excited to buy a new toy but it will encourage better behaviour in order to earn pocket money. Our personalised money box is a beautiful gift for a small child.



New Years resolution take more photos

Ok, this one is more for the grown ups! Our children grow up so fast, so take advantage of smart phones and make sure you capture all of those special moments to look back on for years to come. We have a huge selection of adorable outfits, perfect for capturing those special moments in. For remembering milestones why not purchase our milestone cards for the perfect Instagram photo?



New Years resolution no fighting

Being healthier is really important for children’s development, why not let them help out in the kitchen prepping vegetables and baking healthy treats? This will get them far more interested in what you’re cooking, and even help get the fussiest of little eaters to try healthier meals. If your mini Jamie Oliver wants to help cook when you’re a little busy, invest in our adorable personalised toy kitchen. They’ll enjoy copying Mum and Dad’s culinary skills without the risk of burning or cutting themselves!


New Years resolution no fighting

This is one we all want our children to adopt, we all adore it when our children get along but whey then argue and fight it can be really stressful. You can’t force your little ones to get along all of the time, it’s natural for them to feel jealousy and annoy each other, but be sure to reward them when they’ve played nicely together to help them learn how good this behaviour is. We have a huge selection of sibling outfits and robes, that miniature best friends will love matching in together.


Comment below with what you wish your little one’s New Years resolution would be!