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Names Inspired By Flowers Are The Prettiest

February 4, 2016Lifestyle, Uncategorised

We’re feeling flowery this week – what with the launch of our new spring range – so we decided to have a look at some of our top floral-inspired names to give all you future mums some ideas for the little ones. There are some classics, some contemporaries – and some completely stunning monikers that make us wish we could have another one!DahliaA soft, poetic name that rolls beautifully off the tongue, ‘Dahlia’ comes from the 18th century botanist Anders Dahl, and comes with an equally gorgeous real-life flower.SaffronAlthough the stigmas of a saffron plant are orange, the flower itself is actually purple, giving it a distinctively grown up edge to balance out the more ‘alternative’ connotations.
ZaharaTaken from the flowery bush ‘Zinnia Zahara’, this exotic name was popularised by a certain daughter of the Jolie-Pitts…plus if you’re feeling extra creative, you can take the first part for a name too!
FloraA literally take on the theme but one we love nonetheless, ‘Flora’ simply means ‘flower’. Pretty and charming.JarredIt isn’t just girls who can take inspiration for their monikers in the great outdoors – solid boy’s name ‘Jarred’ means ‘rose’ in Hebrew. Beautiful!OliveComedy power couple Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen saw the light when they named their daughter Olive in 2007 – it’s one of our all-time faves! Inspired by the small, flower and related to the peace-symbolising olive branch, we bet any girl named this will become a regular little miss sunshine.AzaleaFresh and zingy, ‘Azalea’ is one of our top new flower-inspired names for the 2010’s. Just ask Iggy!VioletAt once stylish and classic, ‘Violet’ pops up now and again in a burst of colour thanks to tales like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Violet Beauregarde) and celeb couples like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (gave the name to their first daughter) – and maybe even you?SennaA simpler spin on the popular ‘Sienna’, this lyrical name comes from a large plant with dainty yellow flowers. Perfect for delicate little ladies.CamelliaFinally, Camellia comes from an attractive flower with denotations of admiration and perfection. Know anyone who deserves a name like this?

Let us know which of the above is your favourite in the comments below!