My 1st Years social media manager Livi

Meet Our…Social Media Manager!

October 22, 2015Behind The Scenes, Meet The Team, Uncategorised

Our fabulous social media manager Livi keeps herself busy updating our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram followers on all the latest My 1st Years news, and plays a pivotal role in bringing together our photo shoots and special events. And that’s just start of it… 

Livi! Good afternoon to you. Tell us, as our resident social media mogul, what’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Well aside from my fantastic colleagues, without whom I simply couldn’t get through the day, reading positive feedback from satisfied customers and interacting with parents on the social media community is very rewarding. 

Your colleagues do sound fantastic. Can you tell us how you spend a typical work day?

Well, first I check and reply to any emails and messages on our various social media channels, before planning my social media schedule for the day. A lot of my time is taken up researching topics and trends in the mother and baby world so that I can talk about relevant subjects with our online followers. I also plan promotions, competitions and liaise with our network of bloggers who review various items for us.

My 1st Years social media manager Livi's dogs Ray and Daphne
Livi’s dogs Ray and Daphne and their adorable antics are a hot topic of discussion in the office.

Sounds like a busy workday! We’re guessing it’ll get even busier as we approach Christmas – speaking of which, what’s on your list for Santa this year?

I have just bought a house with my partner which is need of some TLC, so I’d settle for either a new kitchen…or a holiday somewhere exotic. 

Just a small stocking filler then 😉 What attracted you to this job at My 1st Years?

Well I’m pretty obsessed with social media in my own time, so combining that with a job in retail (which I studied at university) seemed like a perfect plan to me! I had also completed internships at both Disney and Liberty of London, so I felt that I could really find my place at a company who are all about stylish, high quality baby gifts which are infused with a sense of fun. 

And we’re lucky to have you. But let’s get serious for a moment – imagine you’re stuck on a desert island – what three liquid items would you want to take with you (supposing there’s clean running water already there)?

You may have noticed I’m obsessed with green tea (we have for sure), so that would be my first choice. The tea would come ready made if you’re going to be pernickety and say teabags aren’t a liquid. My second would be suntan cream – safety first – and thirdly I would choose Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream, my absolute favourite. 

Harking back to your youth, what’s your favourite childhood memory?

Hmm, that’s tricky. Two memories that really stand out to me are learning to swim at a house we used to rent in the south of France, and playing endless hours of games with the other kids who lived on my street. I was best at Cops and Robbers.

My 1st Years social media manager Livi as a child on holiday
Livi in said south of France with her big sister Amanda.

 That sounds delightful. And what did you want to be when you grew up?

Not clichéd at all…but I would have loved to have been a ballet dancer. 

And is your current job at all similar to ballet dancing?

Well, like a ballet dancer I have to keep my audience engaged, as well as maintain my flexibility – though it’s usually less physical and more with the hours I work and when I’m responding to customer feedback. 

Very good answer. Is your own family more like the Von Trapps or the Addams Family?

Definitely the Von Trapps – we even used to sing The Sound of Music soundtrack when we were driving in the car. I also used to wear matching outfits with my sister, though sadly they were never made of curtains. 

Von Trapp Family
We can see Livi as a regular little Gretl. (Bottom left.)

Too bad. And would you rather be shrunk like in ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’, or enlarged like in ‘Honey, I Blew Up The Kid’?

Enlarged. That way I could travel quickly around the world whilst avoiding the need for planes, which I hate. 

And finally, what’s one memory you would still like to make?

Well it’s probably not too practical given I’ve just signed up for a mortgage, but I’d love to work with animals somewhere exotic someday…maybe in the rainforest or perhaps in an elephant sanctuary?

We’re sure you’d do an excellent job of it Livi. But for now…we’d better both get back to work. Ciao for now!