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Making Bath Times The Best Of Times

August 23, 2016How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do, Uncategorised

Who ever said bath times had to be a chore? There are so many ways that it can turned into a fun experience which little ones enjoy and that mum and dad look forward to (shocking, we know). Here are our top tips for turning bubbles into a cherished bonding experience:

Bath with food colouring

When I first came across the idea of using a drop of food colouring in their bath I thought it was perfect – super easy and super fun. Especially as most households may have this lying around in their kitchen ready already, waiting impatiently in between batches of iced biscuits. Pink, blue, red, green and so on – every day could be a different colour, or your child’s all time favourite shade on repeat. If your bubba is older than three you can add some bubble bath to make wash times even more memorable. (1)

Bath crayons

If your child is showing a creative streak then bath crayons could be a perfect idea. They’re sure to have a blast colouring and making pictures whilst getting clean, and their masterpieces will fade away with just a small amount of water rubbed on afterwards. You can even turn this into a learning experience for them as they learn their colours and numbers in tandem. (2)

Water mill

A ready made water mill without all of the fuss. Children will love this as it is really engaging and fun and a different way to have a great bath time. This is without the hassle of having to make your own windmill everything is already done for you allowing them to be able to have a little splash while you sit back and enjoy watching your child have the best time.

Glowing bath

You can create a magical experience for kids with the aid of a few simple glow sticks, especially enchanting if they have an interest in space as many do. (Just ask North West.) Simply turn off the lights, snap a few sticks and watch their faces light up in wonder – you can even buy special glow liquid to add to their bathwater! (3)

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