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Love Biscuiteers? Make Your Own!

April 21, 2016Food & Drink, Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Guessing that some of your little ones are as mad about baking as ours, we’ve teamed up with Biscuiteers to bring you a step-by-step guide to making your own delectable Peter Rabbit iced biscuits. All you need is a creative eye, steady hand, and a suitable rumbling tummy in order to truly appreciate the deliciousness that is these biscuits:

1. Create your base

Biscuiteers biscuit dough
To get started, follow this easy-peasy Biscuiteers vanilla dough recipe, which makes between 24 and 30 individual biscuits. Feel free to get a bit creative early on and add your own flavourings at this stage; we love the suggestion of fresh lemon or cinnamon and orange for a subtly sweet underlying taste.

To create the Peter Rabbit shape use biscuit cutters – or simply cut around a Peter shaped piece of paper with a knife.

2. Ice, Ice Baby

Biscuiteers Peter Rabbit
For your line and flood icing, use the Biscuiteers guide to icing. You will need pale blue, light brown and black line icing, plus pale blue, light brown and cream flood icing.

– Using your brown icing, outline the shape of Peter. Then, using your blue icing, outline the shape of his jacket. Let the line icing dry for 10 minutes at room temperature.

– Using your flood icing, fill each section, being careful not to go over your line icing ‘walls.’ Don’t add too much as it will spill out of the sides. You’ll notice how we have feathered the cream and the brown into each other, just swirling the lines gently with a cocktail stick.

3. Heat things up

Baking biscuits
Put the flooded biscuits into the oven for 45 minutes to dry, keeping it at the lowest temperature (around 50 degrees). Don’t worry about the biscuits cooking further, they will simply dry with a professional finish!

4. The finishing touches

Iced Peter Rabbit biscuits by Biscuiteers
Add Peter’s detail using the rest of your line icing. We’ve outlined his ears, feet, paws, and jacket. We’ve also added some texture to his fur and, of course, added his whiskers and button nose!

Have you tried any Biscuiteers techniques before, are you going to attempt the one above? Let us know below – and don’t miss our exclusive Biscuiteers competition which closes at the end of next week!