Finding Dory

Kid’s Movie Review: Finding Dory

August 9, 2016Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

Unless you’ve been living under the ocean for the past few months, you’ll be rather well-informed – from little ones no doubt – that Disney has just released a much-talked about sequel to the simply fantastic Finding Nemo. It was released 13 years ago, if you can believe, and has stood the test of time as on the best Pixar movies ever made. Can Finding Dory live up to the hype? We sent Bonita from Mamasvib to check it out with her daughter Marnie…

Mum and daughter
Mum and daughter took a trip to their local cinema and reported back for us.

Bonita I’m curious, were you and Marnie big fans of Finding Nemo?

Sort of. By that I mean I am a massive fan (I even went to the cinema to see it without a child as a cover!) Meanwhile Marnie has watched it a few times, but she got so upset when Nemo lost his family that she wouldn’t watch for a while. But with the buildup to the new film she has really come to enjoy it.

What were your expectations of Finding Dory before you went in?

As with all sequels you have a certain expectations – you don’t want a follow up movie to ‘ruin’ the first one for you and you want it to be as good, if not better. I was expecting it to be better visually – and of course knowing the original voices were in it made it rather exciting.

Was it a full cinema?

We went on the opening weekend to a 10.45am showing so the cinema was full of families and young children – but it was fun as the children were all so excited and were given little card masks on our way in.

And…did it make you laugh?

As with all Disney/Pixar films the humour always goes a little over the kids’ heads and is there for the parents – so yes I had lots of laugh out loud moments, but Marnie was giggling along too.


I didn’t cry but my eyes did well up as the sentiment was so beautifully done – family, friendship and believing in yourself. Things that are so much more important to you when you become a parent.

What did you make of the film overall?

We loved it. Visually it was beautiful and although we opted for the 2D version over the 3D (as I didn’t think Marnie would enjoy that element yet after a mini 3D experience in Disneyland Paris where she got a little scared). The movie had all the elements of the first – it was funny, a little scary, beautifully shot and the flashbacks to Dory’s childhood have the cute factor.

Marnie daughter.
Marnie clearly had her priorities straight before the film began.

Did you recognise any of the voice actors in it?

Of course we knew that Ellen was Dory but otherwise I did recognise other voices but couldn’t place who they were. To be honest I like to just be swept away with the movie and see who the voices were after. Ellen was by far the best.

Would you recommend it for other families and their kids?

100% – what is not to love about a Disney/Pixar movie, and it’s a film all the family will enjoy. Big and little kids will all enjoy this underwater adventure and even learn a few sea animal facts along the way.

Mum: marks out of 10?

10 – can’t wait for the DVD to add to our collection.

Marnie: marks out of 10?

9 – there was one scene where Hank the octopus jumps out on Dory and that made her jump and drop some of her popcorn. Not the best when you are 3!

In case you haven’t seen it a gazillion times, here’s the trailer for Finding Dory. And check out yummy mummy Bonita on Instagram!